black on black on black

01 December 2013

velour jegs - Hue via thredUP
hooves - Naturalizer via Online Shoes
coat - old old old J.Crew
hair - just don't care
bag - c/o Lily jade

Making: excellent use of nap time by blogging, staring into space, biting my nails, repeat.
Cooking : nothing. surprise, surprise.
Drinking : water like a mother after reading this. (thanks to Jen for posting)
Reading : a million forums as to why the blog photos keep uploading in super saturated mode looking like Theo edited them. Wordpress is looking mighty inviting these days.
Wanting : to have a better grip on these holiday call weekends. I need an attitude and gratitude coach.
Looking: forward to next weekend when Simon will be off. Fiesta.
Playing: the Nutcracker on repeat because Julia is obsessed.
Wasting: time watching Duck Dynasty. Late to the party and I can't look away.
Sewing: curtains for the bathroom ... the sheer sheet had had it's fun.
Wishing: that I was a lot more disciplined in a million arenas
Enjoying: the quiet of nap time. I get giddy right before I put the kids down.
Waiting: for Wednesday's hospital Christmas party because food, food, and food. And food.
Liking: the new Macklemore song even though Simon can't even listen to 12 seconds of it
Wondering: why I just found all my makeup in the bathtub and the car keys in the toilet.
Loving: that Julia politely says, "um, excuse me, Mom" when she's getting ready to ask for something (a cookie, to go to the park, to watch a show .... etc)
Hoping: that I'm a decent mom. Feeling faily lately.
Marveling: at how many diapers we fly through a day even though Julia is (mostly) potty trained
Needing: to clean, like always. But not right now, like always.
Smelling: the fresh paint on the living room walls. toxic and pungent but no more tan. God is good.
Wearing: leggings and a tunic. uniform for better or worse.
Following: lots of grammers that put up their Christmas trees this weekend.
Noticing: that everyone is awake. rapido, rapido.
Knowing: that Simon will be home in twoish hours is manna to my heart. which makes sense.
Thinking: about dinner which is yet to be determined, as always.
Feeling: 30 weeks pregnant which bodes really well for the next 22 ...
Bookmarking: throw pillows. it's a wild life and someone's gotta rock it.
Opening: more forums about blogger photo troubleshooting. I'm a sadist.
Giggling: at the 48 Christmas card photos we took because Julia is crying in 47 of them.
Feeling: ready for warmer weather because the grass is always greener, you know?

Blatantly and shamelessly copycatting Sydney. You should do the same and post your link. You know you wanna.


  1. Soooo I love your blog and Duck Dynasty! I never feel like cleaning or cooking and I don't have 3 kids so don't feel bad :) I hope you have a wonderful Advent season! At church when we asked the Sunday school what season was starting the first reply was Black Friday...

  2. You're right, I do wanna copy. Do we have to reproduce the black outfit, too? Wink. Glad your weekend is almost over, and I hope the kiddos go to sleep like angels for you. Have a shot glass (or two, no judging) because you deserve it!

    1. Copied and pasted here:

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  4. Love the post format. And I ran right into the kitchen for a gigantic glass of water in the middle of reading that article! Glad the call w/e is almost over for you!

  5. I'll be copying the black on black (loved Sydney's outfit) and I'm jealous of how good you look in these pictures :) Leggings and a tunic with Hunter's is what I've been wearing every single day.

  6. I am really hoping that water is going to solve all of my life's problems after reading that article. But woah that's a lot to drink each day.

  7. The water article…whoa! At this rate my face should start shedding or molting, since I do not consume nearly enough H20. It's always something…but you look super cute, and every time you wear those boots it makes me feel like I need them in my closet!

  8. i copied your blog post and feel free to read if you are way bored :)
    but be warned- there are no pictures. but i have recently found a new love of leggings!

  9. Duck Dynasty is such a great time waster. I wish I could help with the photo issue... And you're a phenomenal mom. A phenomenal hilarious mom.

  10. it's so hard to want to drink water when you are pregnant though, as it means you'll have to pee 100 more times that day! I wouldn't mind looking, 10 years younger though.

  11. I like this idea... maybe a linky thing? I love your outfit today; so cute and wintery! And you're more than a decent mom. I can tell. Bad moms don't care if they're bad.

  12. Don't make yourself feel bad about your "attitude". You're lonely. It's lonelier to be with a bunch of tiny kids than being by yourself. It's a really really hard time.

  13. So, after taking my Warby Parkers for a spin this weekend, I may be addicted and want to order all the glasses. I love the ones you're wearing here ...and your whole outfit. Still working up my courage to venture into ankle boot territory. I agree that water's key, by the way, but I still hold out hope my doctor suggests hooking me up to a Diet Coke IV next time.

  14. is that lipsticks i see?! it looks beautiful, and i'm so proud :)

  15. Um, excuse me, Mom sounds adorable. I would get her anything!

    Signed, your copyKat

  16. Deelightful :) And so cute in your black on black!

  17. Maybe you already figured it out, but I was having the same photo problem. It's stupid Google Plus auto-enhancing your photos. You just have to go to your Google+ photo settings and turn that sucker off. (It's on this page - - just scroll down to the photo section and you'll have the option to turn it off).

  18. Gorg! Early in this pregnancy I downloaded an app, Plant N.anny, that reminds me to drink water on a regular basis. Can't wait for the Robertson family's Christmas special Dec. 11.

  19. What is up!! Pregnancy is looking swell on you. THANK YOU for the water article. Started yesterday and already feeling better. Even with the tequila!

  20. Dang lady, high quality fashion blogger pics here!



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