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13 December 2013

Linking up with Jen!

Okay. I'm all over the place today. Let's go.

1. Remember Kris?

She was kind enough to share a post chronicling her experience with a very rare and serious form of cancer closely following the birth of her first daughter, Grace. She's doing well and just two months away from welcoming baby girl number two! I'm so happy for her. Anyway ... she's reopened her Etsy shop with an entirely different kind of jewelry and it is all so gorgeous and timeless. She's going to close up shop in a few days but I thought I'd share the link in case you have ladies left on your list or you're feeling selfish ...

Hop to

2. Blogs are a buzz buzz buzzing with gift guides this time of year and here are a few of my favorites ...

Hallie's gift guide for men (they really are so difficult to buy for ... especially Simon!!)

Kayla and Janssen's $5 and under gift guide (always love this)

shoot. I thought there was one more ... I'll add it if it comes to me. Or if you've seen an especially great one floating around? Tell me and I'll throw it up right quick.

3. If I were to craft a gift guide it would be terrible because I am the worst gift giver in the history of gifting. Worst. Anyway ... there would be two things on it.

This hat.

It's super duper cheap on Amazon and comes in a zillion colors and fits me and the kids and it's warm. And I don't even have Amazon Prime but they shipped (from California so ... not close) in two days. 

And a Baby Boo Bunnie Ice Pack . Or as it is known around here, "the boo boo bunny". I know, I know. But really ... how many times a day do your kids get "hurt" but they are totally fine but you are wrist deep in a diaper emergency or making second lunch for yourself or trying for the 899th time to take a shower where you don't even want to wash your hair ... just rinse off? It happens around here a lot. I just throw the Boo Boo Bunny their way and .... happy kids. Total placebo effect but it is a cold plastic block of frozen water wrapped in a soft cuddly bunny ... my aunt gave it to the kids this summer and it's just very necessary and beloved under our roof these days.

Sebastian opts to go sans bunny. I wish I could say this was staged but the super duper heavy blinds came out of the wall and fell down on him earlier - my faultish - really awful - he was brave - everyone is moving on. But not before he took the application of the cube very seriously.

4. Kelly wrote a SUPER helpful post all about Amazon and wishlists and she's just the smartest.

And the greatest.

I'm starting wishlists asap because whenever sweet family members ask for gift ideas for the kids I'm always like .... "uhhhhhhhh .... band-aids?" ... I never know. But now the wishlists will fill us all in.

5. I was realllllly trying to save Kate's engagement story as a reward for a good behavior (aka attitude) over this call weekend but I couldn't resist and totally read both parts.

She's the goodest writer. Go read it and love it as much as I did. And demand part III.

6. Let's type more about the good attitude I'm going to have about the weekend because then it will come to fruition and be a beautiful thing. Typing more. I'm trying not to think about the night float that is waiting on the other side of said weekend because then I'll be sprinting toward the depths of despair faster than you can tell me to shutupplease. Anyway, it'll be fine. We have yet to encounter a call weekend that has actually killed us so let's just meditate on that fact, put a daisy behind our ears, and stay alive. Badittude who?

7. So - like I told you yesterday - I returned to my pilates-esque balletish class last night and I was super dreading it but it was actually really great and the hour flew by and I can still walk today and hopefully Simon gets home early enough tomorrow that I can trot over again. I think think think I might finally be turning a pregnancy corner as I finally started practicing what I preach about vitamins and exercise during pregnancy and I'm feeling a lot better. Super tired and super puffy and super emo but ... not like death which is a really nice change of pace. Aren't you glad you know that now? I knew it.

And I guess that's it.

No it's not. Do you have any favorite not-quite-black-but-still-in-the-morbid-family nail polish colors? I'm almost out of my current favorite ... which is Revlon's Vixen (as seen on Sebastian) and thought I might switch it up a shade or two. THANKS.


  1. A. You're so nice to share our gift guides!

    B. Aaaand now I'm dying for part 2. WHAT HAPPENS WITH THE HEIRLOOM RING SETUP.

    C. My nails are currently painted..not at all. But I'm interested in what other people suggest because I love me a good dark nail color.

  2. OPI Lincoln Park after Dark. Most favourite of all the favourites. I love it so much I still wear it in the heat of an Australian summer. Perky summer brights be damned!

  3. Growing up we had (and now my procreatin' sisters have) washcloths shaped (and stitched in place) as animals, then halfway soaked, then frozen. Great for head bumps but even better for tooth-bumps, which seemed more common in our house. I knocked my front tooth so much it turned black and had to be pulled early… so let's just say I spent a lot of time with the frozen washcloth animals!

  4. Kate is mean and told me she's enjoying making us suffer..! :) I've already begged for part 3. Hope the weekend flies by. And I thought everyone had Boo Boo Bunny....

  5. People are not going to take you seriously if they think you associate with people that look like that crazy chic in the HAWT cow sweater.
    But I'm truly happy you're a happier, puffier, pregnant woman. And now I'm going over to Etsy to link all those things to my wish list because I know Tony hasn't started shopping yet.

  6. We have an "Owie Owl". Best thing EVER! Saves my sanity (and my kids' "owies") at least once a day! My cousin's wife makes them and they are fabulous and adorable (and a fundraiser for their adoption). Can I share a link for them? Is that blog comment kosher?!?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Here are the "Owie Owls":

  7. We have the boo boo bunny and although we haven't used it yet (I tell J to "shake it off" ha sensitive Mom here) I'm sure it will come in handy.

    Does revlon still make "Bewitching bordeaux"? It's my go-to emo shade

  8. Currently loving Wet n Wild Disturbia. Also, I have gotten several great ideas from the Art of Manliness gift guides over the years, for my husband, dad, and son.

  9. I'm loving my navy toenail polish. Seems kinda preppy kinda emo. I bought the sally salon effects (not sure what the color is...)

  10. Blushing! And thanks for linking to Kris's shop. Such goodlooking stuff. I just went and pinned everything to my wishboard.

  11. Sally Hansen Salon Finish (AKA the BEST nail polish!!!) in Pat on the Black! It's a purpley-black and it's gooooorgeous.

  12. That boo boo bunny takes me back. When we were kids my mom got an ouch mouse (that looked very similar to the bunny) and we used it all the time. I think she might still have it haha.

  13. My fav color ever ever is OPI Lincoln Park After Dark which is a deep purple , with Eiffel for this color as a close second...also a deep purple. Not completely morbid but the closest you can get to black while still being purple!

  14. Agree with Lincoln Park, beautiful. Essie's Shearling Darling, After School Boy Blazer, Wicked are all dark and pretty, Belugaria is black, but crystally, very cool. China Glaze Charmed, I'm Sure is a deep purple and Lubu Heels is black, but filled with red glitter, really pretty. They're all on my board.

  15. We were gifted a boo boo bunny this summer also, and it is much loved and used. I even grabbed it for myself one day when I burned my finger and it worked like a charm. Great gift idea. Hope your weekend is going well!

  16. My go-to was OPI's Lincoln Park for a while (it's more purple-y), but now it's Essie's Wicked (more red wine-y) -- but that's a distinction without a difference, really, because they're both essentially super dark; I'm just more on the Essie train these days. Hope it gets you through the upcoming night float!

  17. You know you can't go wrong with LPAD, but you probably already knew that.

  18. I grew up with that EXACT boo boo bunny. And yes, it was also called boo boo bunny in our household.

  19. 1. You should totally invest in an Amazon Prime account. You get your money's worth with the free shipping. (And if you have an old school email address hanging around you might be able to get it for the student price.) Plus they have Netflix-ish streaming available which is nice.

    2. Boo boo bunnies are the best! My mom always gave homemade ones as baby shower gifts. She also always gave red washcloths which come in handy when you're cleaning cuts and scrapes because the kids (or the adult, lol) can't see the blood. It makes it slightly less traumatic.

    I'm not sure how I got on to baby shower gifts but anyways...

    I am OBSESSED with this color! I've never been much of a dark nail polish fan but this has been a game changer for me. It's super cheap and stays for a good 5-7 days before I see a hint of chippage.

  20. So sorry I'm late to this nail polish party, but I'm currently wearing and enjoying Maybelline's Dressed to Kill. I like the color (it's more maroon than purple-y) but unsure about the wear because it's only been a day and a half.



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