Interview with a couple of teenagers

18 September 2013

In the past week Julia and Sebastian each seemed to have aged a year or three. Tomorrow I'm going to wake up and they're going to be pulling out of the driveway headed to high school (although by then I bet the driving age will have been bumped up to 19 years of age or something convenient like that) and I'll wonder what happened to the toddlers responsible for my head full of luscious grey locks. I don't know what it is because they still get into the screamiest squabbles and rely on their parental units to be fed, bathed, dressed, and coddled but I've noticed little things they say and do that have me and Simon looking at each other and saying the old wistful cliché, "they're really growing up." Of course now that I'm sitting down I can't think of the best examples but off the top of my flighty little head I remember Sebastian hearing Julia wake up from her nap yesterday evening (sister J needs her marathon naps .... or else) and he scrambled to get up from the table and get a fork from the drawer so that she could eat her dinner when she came out of her room. Maybe he was being nice or maybe he was just anticipating a tantrum if she didn't have the exact same utensil as Bash but I'll take it either way. Julia voluntarily gave Theo her very beloved purple sippy last night on the way home because he was a hot mess of tears and I think she could sense that Mom was headed that same direction if he carried on the entire drive to our house. Sebastian readies the bathroom for Julia's visits (I guess this might be a little weird .... ) by setting up the step stool and putting the little potty training lid device thing on the toilet and then patiently waits to be allowed to flush when she's all finished. And Julia is constantly making deals with me, "if I'm patient for five minutes then I can have two magical jelly beans - does that sound like a plan?" etc.

And whenever Sebastian falls down and starts crying Julia drops what she's doing and starts making a big fuss over him, "oh, sweets - are you going to make it?" ("sweets" is not a term of endearment I use ... although I do frequently ask if the injured party is going to make it .... let's cut to the chase, dear child) Bash has started to refer to himself as, "bitchy" - I'm assuming trying to say, "bashy" and he says thank you all the time. It will be a short-lived phase but it's one I'm enjoying as opposed to his trash-emptying days that seemed to be neverevereverevereverending.

Julia will be three in a couple of days and Sebastian will be two next month and I've seen these types of interviews (although I'm sure they are shorter -- brevity will never be something I ever pretend to strive for - ever) around the web and so I asked them both these questions this morning. I'm sure a lot of their answers would be different just five minutes later ...

what is your name?
Julia: Julia
Bash: (nods)

How old are you?
Julia: two
Bash: two

What's your favorite thing to do?
Julia: I like to go on rides
Bash: (picks nose)

What's your favorite book?
Julia: my Dora book
Bash: (walks away)

What's your favorite show?
Julia: Dora Christmas
Bash: show

what's your favorite song?
Julia: the Giggle Giggle song
Bash: no

What does Daddy do at work?
Julia: he works
Bash: donuts

What do you want for your birthday?
Julia: a sparkle (sprinkle) cake
Bash: dance (dances)

What is your favorite color?
Julia: purple
Bash: blue

Whats your favorite outfit?
Julia: purple outfits
Bash: blue

Where's your favorite place to go?
Julia: go get cookies
Bash: cookie

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Julia: a princess
Bash: truck

When you get sick what makes you feel better?
Julia: coffee
Bash: sorry?

What scares you?
Julia: the vacuum
Bash: thank you!

What makes you happy?
Julia: cookies
Bash: baths

Who's your favorite person?
Julia: mommy
Bash: Dadda

Whats your favorite toy?
Julia: big girls don't have toys
Bash: no


  1. If only daddy did donuts.

    Well done.

  2. hahahaha! this is hilarious and so sweet. he calls himself bitchy? hahaha! can you video that please?

  3. So cute! Carter asked me the very same thing yesterday - "sound like a plan?" And he saw it sprinkling outside and said, "Oh! It's sparkling." They are growing up, and it's so fun to see the siblings being friends (sometimes)!

  4. So cute. And I love the pictures - especially Julia's little pigtails. Too cute. :)

  5. They are so hilarious. My daughter is exactly the same age as Sebastian (same birthday and everything) so I find myself nodding and laughing at a lot of the stuff he does because sadly I can relate.

  6. I'm cracking up! My favorite is what does your daddy do at work... I have to remember to ask that one day! Their answers are priceless!

  7. the no-toys thing will come in really handy around birthday and Christmas time!

  8. I think their plans for adulthood are the best! Although a princess will fit into your house a lot more easily than a truck...

  9. It's really crazy how they seem to age overnight at different stages. Alayna's favorite term these days is "dammit" and every now and then she throws in a "gosh" just before to spice things up. I was so proud that she was talking in complete sentences so early but since this has only helped to ensure she really enunciates everything, I think I may have fallen upon the proverbial double edged sword. Love the pics! Hate to add insult to injury but they even look like they're headed for the DMV! And the fork thing...I died a little over Bash's sweetness!

  10. I love it!! Especially that Sebastian wants to be a "truck" when he grows up (as opposed to a princess). :) (I wouldn't mind being a princess when I grow up either ... hehe!)

  11. lol... this is so cute! and will be great to look back on in the future.

  12. hahahaha! "donuts." And Julia freely admitted you're her fave person? Maybe she isn't so heartless!
    Glad my kid isn't the only one afraid of the vacuum. Hopefully her little sis doesn't follow in her wimpy footsteps.

  13. Loooooved the interview! Please do them often! :)

  14. This is the cutest post ever. Both the words and the pictures.

    Enjoy those little cuties pies, because you're right--before you know it, they'll be pulling of the driveway on their way to high school. I don't know how it happens so fast, but it does.

    My boys wanted to grow up to be dinosaurs, I think. (Their second choice would probably have been trucks.) :)

  15. OMG I'm dying at the fact that he wants to be a truck when he grows up. I tried doing one of these interview things with my son awhile back, I think it was like one of those father's day questionnaires that I saw on pinterest where you ask the kid a bunch of questions about their dad and then print and frame the answers out. I thought it would be such an easy gift idea, but OMG I could not get any good answers out of him. everything was "I dunno" or he would just change the subject and ask me to play with him. very frustrating.

  16. Julia's jacket is too cute! Love the pigtails!

  17. I just asked Joey all the interview questions you list and it was both insightful and entertaining, thanks for breaking up the mid-afternoon slump.

  18. This is so cute! What a clever idea :) And the kids really do look so much older in those pictures- so fun!

  19. Donuts!! Yes! I'm convinced that's what my husband's doing all day at work too. Not really (but kinda). :-P

  20. My 3 and 2 year olds do the same bathroom song and dance! My two year old thinks it is the greatest thing in the world to be able to flush for his big brother. Sometimes it turns into a who can flush the most war, but helpful nonetheless...

  21. i'm obsessed with j's coat. so stylish!

  22. hahaha best interview ever. i agree with J, coffee cures everything!

  23. oh goodness this was the best ever! i snaughled (laugh+snort) a lot. those little pattons are adorbs!

  24. I am loving Julia's rain trench. Was there anything else I missed?

  25. they are indeed growing up way too fast. I love the questions. I wish I had done something like that when my Jonathan was younger. Oh well. As always the kids look very chic and put together...just like their Mama!

  26. TOO cute! I literally spit on the computer. Even using literally literally.

  27. At least you got answers out of them! I tried this for Mother's Day and got a lot of I don't want to's from Letty.

    It looks like your kids have for your sense of humor. ;)

  28. Haha! Me thinks we need more videos of these two hoodlums. They're too funny!

    And speaking of teenagers, the girls were tornadoing through my photo albums during their daily raid and I finally got smart and moved those darn albums but first I stumbled upon a lone picture of you and me with some other people all in one little date group for freshman year winter formal. Remember? I went with Andrew Niewald and you with Jimmy? I didn't know you and I think we're both too shy to say boo buuut, it was funny seeing us when we were kids. :)

  29. They're beautiful. I love it. And they ARE growing up! It's becoming so hard for me to see other children around blogland growing up after being a reader for so long because I know my little one will grow equally fast if not faster.

  30. did this with my fun! will be a funny thing to track through the toddler years :) good idea

  31. I wish donuts was my job???

    Those ever. Sooooo cute. <3

  32. Aw man, I guess toddlers can be precious. I'll have to remind myself of that in three, two, one...

  33. I love this! especially Bash's answers!

  34. This was hysterical. Eire hasn't yet reached the point of answering questions with anything other than a nod and a 'a' of agreement. I guess the big times are coming!

  35. I do so enjoy coming here and reading. Bash's interview answers were pure gold.

  36. Thank you! That made me laugh, and I needed a good laugh :)

  37. What a cute idea for a post! I need to do more of these...but of course, my Blog is mainly about recipes (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it, lol!).

  38. Uhhhm. I tried reading this at work (I know, naughty, naughty) and I could NOT stop laughing. I think I even snorted once. I always look forward to your posts.



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