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10 September 2013

Hola Chicas. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I highly doubt there is a single soul that reads this blog that doesn't read Hallie's blog but in the crazy event that you're not familiar with the Five Favorites link-up ... it's very simple: just pound out any five of your current favorite anythings ... beauty product, blog post, recipe, etc., post it and link it good right here. Hallie is a busy with some writing deadlines looming so she generously allowed me to guest host because she's a veritable charitable soul.

So! Here are mine ...

1. I was really flattered to be included in Modern Mrs. Darcy's roundup of some of her favorite blogs along with some of my favorite reads (Shana and Jen!) It was fun to see what other blogs she reads and you'll definitely want to pop her blog into your reader - which reminds that I don't know if I'm feeling the bloglovin' love lately. I hate to say it but I might have to move over to the dark side and bite the Feedly bullet. I'll keep you posted.

2. I've been wanting to tell you that Costco has been BRINGING it in the chip department lately.

I know. Photo quality is poorer than poor but my food photographer is away on business and I had a teething Theo in one arm, a Sebastian at my knees wanting to be in my other arm, and Julia carrying on at my feet about who the bleep knows. Something important.

The sweet potato chips and the seedy chips are both really great substitutes for tortilla chips and the edamame chips have a texture similar to Sun Chips and all three varieties go really well with hummus or salsa. Even the big kids will eat all three varieties and they aren't easygoing in the food department. I don't think Simon's seen the seedy ones but I kind of doubt he'll even touch the bag because he is highly allergic to anything somewhat healthy. And if you don't consider these varieties of chips to be super healthy well then .... we strongly disagree and that's okay. Next week I really want to try the pumpkin chips (Simon will love!) ... has anyone tried them?

3. This Instagram account. Thee cutest family that will make you want to move to the English countryside. Now. (Thank you Jessica for pointing me in their direction!)

4. The gentleman at Target today that asked to be shown around because it was his first time to ever visit the bullseye. His first time to visit a Target. I'm guessing he is from Pluto. He stormed out when the cashier took too long to find someone to come bustling out with a tray of champagne and hors d'oeuvres. The cashier just shrugged and kept on trucking and I don't know why I found the whole exchange super entertaining.

5. Dear Sweet Theo,

Can you pretty please skip the toddler phase?

My heart can't take another one of you turning on me because I let you off the swing like you asked or made you the meal you requested or tried to brush your teeth.

Thanks in advance.

Have a great night/day/whathaveyou and thanks for reading and linking and everything else.


  1. Well, once again you've given me a gut busting guffaw. Where to start?

    1. Care to share why you're not feeling the Bloglovin? I've never known any other way so I feel like I'm being slighted and don't even know it.

    2. Word on the Costco chips. My biggest concern is that Costco might disappear and I won't get chips and goat cheese in bulk again and the worst/best pizza at my favorite snack bar might have been a dream all along.

    3. Theo vs. Julia in the photo face-off. I want to squeeze them both up in a weird this-stranger-is-hugging-me-like-I'm-a-Glow-Worm kind of way. Awkward for all but worth it.

    Excellent work Grace!

  2. That toddler-phase skippy thing? Do want.

  3. Those last two pictures. So good.

    And once I get the chance to change, bye-bye Bloglovin'. One week since the Bloglovin' app has stopped working for me. Feed me blogs, Feedly.

  4. #5...I die. And then I cry. Because...yes.

  5. Ooh, this little Theo is killing me ... so, so cute.
    And yes, I want my own little almost three year old daughter to get over it soon too - I'll co-sign all of the things you listed (By the way is Sebastian the same way? Or is this maybe a girls thing? Wanting things and then when they get exactly what they asked for throwing a major tantrum just because ...)

  6. No skipping the toddler else are we supposed to suffer enough to get to Heaven?

    (I do actually adore toddlers, tantrums and all! Much more interesting than babies.)

  7. I've asked for a Target escort before. What of it?


  8. The pumpkin chips are the bomb. I can't believe there is a person in America who has never been to Target! What a sad existence. And you can't skip the toddler phase, but some toddlers (who shall remain nameless/Julia) are worse than others.

  9. I was absolutely sure I was the only person on the planet who bawled right along with her offspring while enduring the trauma that is teeth brushing, twice a frigging day! One of my five faves...commiseration!

  10. J and A will get along swimingly.....

  11. I first heard about Costco when I was at Franny-land, because everyone else seemed to thrive upon it. And I learned why.

    So when I moved back down South to my little city, and remembered that we do not have a Costco, I lost it a bit. I envy you a tad when I see your Insta shots from the great store, and when I see things like those delicious-looking chips! ;)

    Also, last Saturday Dave was working so I moseyed through your archives yet again (thank you for the great writing, by the way), and I just can't believe how big your kids are! Comparing the adorable pictures above to the ones from when Julia was little just blows my mind! I suppose they do grow fast!

  12. Those chips!!! You have good taste. My husband has a serious aversion to all things healthy too (his response to my frown when he grabbed five Otter Pops before dinner: "I'm a grown man.") but he devoured the Way Better Snacks chips I brought home the other day. So maybe Simon won't notice the sprouted goodness either?

    Other observations: 1) Theo's legs and face are so cute and SO squishy. 2) Julia looks like she's rocking out hardcore with an air guitar.

  13. We've tried the "Unbeatable Blues" version of the Way Better snacks - not too bad at all! Looks like Julia and Carter need to spend their toddler years together - they are doing the exact same thing!

  14. Oh, I know , my youngest is so sweet... Just waiting for the day she turns!

  15. LOL! Love it as always. Theo is just the cutest with that belly and those thighs. I have the same ones but no one calls me cute! Sheesh!

    Miss Julia and Miss Courtney have similar personalities. When they turn it get's ugly, ugly, ugly. On the positive side, I see that particular photo showing up on the slide show at her rehearsal dinner. Score!! revenge is sweet is it no.

    Keep it real Miss from VA as always!

  16. Tell me your woes with Bloglovin', or do I not want to know?

    And, isn't Anne's blog wonderful?

    Ok, Target man. Come into my life. Make me laugh.



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