sweater surgery and reekend wecap

24 January 2011

I don't know what came over me this weekend. Maybe I have a death-by-frustration wish but I decided to take my newfound relationship with my sewing machine to the next level and tackled turning an unsuspecting sweater into a cardigan. least...I tried for about five hours. 

I began with this nice little navy blue sweater (mainly because my only spool of thread is navy)...

I introduced myself to a someone by the name of "bias tape"...but neglected to make the acquaintance of (necessary...oh so necessary) straight I tried these uglies instead:

needless to say...they failed miserably.miserably.miserably

After ripping out approximately one thousand seams (actually...probably more) and attempting to sew (make?) 19 buttonholes and failing and cursing at 19 failed buttonholes...I was left with this:

 yep, a thrilled baby and a buttonless, unexciting cardigan...of sorts. Stay tuned though....Saint Simon is trying to figure out the blasted sewing machine buttonhole sewing feature as I type. oh ...aren't those the most adorable socks disguised as shoes? thank you Meg...the bows have provided hours of entertainment for little J!


Julia kept her smarty self busy by doing her homework

...and Simon rewarded her studious ways with a little treat...

don't let her expression fool you..she was loving life

  and to round things off...Simon and I read Water for Elephants this weekend. Can't wait for the pages to come to life on the big screen...or something.

oh...we also watched Ricki Lake's documentary...The Business of Being Born...which made me feel like a huge failure and an unfit mother for not giving birth at home with a midwife sans interventions. If you are not in the mood to see Ricki in a bathtub...naked...birthing a baby...I would highly recommend avoiding this little gemstone. 



  1. what made you decide to pick up a Ricki Lake documentary? hmmm.
    i really want to read that book too! and see the movie.
    i love your cardigan and j's nails. bridges and reed always help me fix my sewing machine when it breaks too...good luck wit dem buttons

  2. Love love love the daddy/daughter manicure session. Could be the cutest thing to Julia's pouty lips.

  3. First of all, I LOVE YOUR HAIR! You look lovely, lady :) I just chopped mine off so I'm appreciative of all the work it takes to have kids and long hair :)

    Secondly, nice work on the sweater. I have so many cardigans and all of two sweaters. Why? Because cardigans are easier to nurse in.

    Finally... "Business of being Born" is pretty hardcore. I agree about the naked tub scenes... I had a tub birth with Joseph, but I would NEVER NEVER allow anyone to film it. But didn't she end up having to go to the hospital? I thought it indicated that homebirths and natural births aren't for everyone. Hey, if you have a baby as cute as yours, there is NO WAY you are a failure :)

  4. Oh my gosh she is getting so big! Hope everything is going fantastic :)



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