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17 January 2011

I thought it would be fitting to not post anything in observance of the saddest day of the year today...

Isn't Julia's omnipresent expression fitting?

...but due to numerous (and by numerous I mean two--my mom and my dad) requests from readers for a we are. . . are curious about the contraption around my neck in the above photo? Funny you should wonder. After my successful date with the sewing machine last week I decided to keep the fire burning and make a teething necklace. Never heard of such a thing? Neither had I...but I since I am an award-winning mother I decided that Julia needed one (later I read that the necklace is for parents to wear....unfortunately.... as they are clearly not even mildly aesthetically pleasing in any way shape or form)

If for some reallllllllllly weird reason you were wanting to duplicate my weirdo craft are the ingredients...
ill-fitting t-shirt, ribbon, beads (don't ask what I was thinking when I purchased that cherry red fashion champ...I asked myself the saaaame question multiple times)
the assembly directions can be found here (but I'm guessing you are a smart cookie and can figure it out on your own)

This has clearly been a real winner in Julia's book...
during one of our forced play sessions (and yes my hair was styled like a triceratops on purpose)

 what else what else...

Ah... perfectly timed with Simon's return to a time consuming rotation at school today, Julia has found a pair of naughty pants that fit quite nicely which has resulted in this consequence...on more than one occasion this afternoon:

 Baby's first time-out
yes, mom...her hair is definitely thinning.

Unfortunately, she didn't seem to mind her punishment one teeny tiny bit.  Frustration station in motherland today.

Happy Monday....I guess.


  1. Your little lady is so so cute!

  2. You've taken motherhood to the next level! Wearing legit chew toys.

  3. Thanks so much! Adorable!! Someone in the 505 will probably have to look at the blog several more times tonight. It's Dad. He just can't get enough of baby j!

  4. Look at you and your clever idea, and cute family! :-)

  5. pahahahahahahaha time out cracks my shit UP!

    your locks are so long-so jeal.



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