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07 January 2011

Because I really have nothing exciting to report on other than the 8 snowflakes that have fallen in St. Louis, Julia's sleep patterns, the insanely generous and hospitable family we are staying with, my new mascara and how delicious eating an entire box of Girl Scout cookies in one sitting tastes...I will give you (I think for the 8th time on the blog--you lucky ducklings) some wedding photos BECAUSE I am 16 and remembered that yesterday marked three years since Simon and I started dating (... I know wedding anniversaries and births of children are more important ... ) AND January, February and March are the three most miserable months of the year I find it fun to reminisce about warmer summer, festive months...(and our photographer just launched a new website)

(you can send my blue ribbon for most action packed, gripping run-on sentence to Pensacola...our next destination immediately following this trip...muchas


Still hungry for more Simace (naturally)? Click HERE to view the entire slideshow. 

De Nada.


  1. hysterical. i think your wedding pics are among my fav.

  2. Grace, you need to make a FB account for Julia so that she can be tagged in pictures.

  3. Haven't you heard, Dan? No computer or cell phone for J. until she's 20. She has already manipulated the "No T.V." rule, thanks to the video you gave her for Christmas! Way to go God-Uncle!



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