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04 January 2011

...if you are in the market for a good cry...good news!...this is the post for you because it will bore you to tears upon tears upon tears. guarant. 

well..we will begin with a little pictorial bonus because you can never have enough forced fun photobooth photos of yourself and your uninterested bebe:
inseparable ... much to Little Miss Pink Bonnet's chagrin.
this about sums up our life at the moment. J and G inhabiting someone else's house in St. Louis while Simon gets to go off and witness exciting things like circumcisions and the miracle of life at the hospital this week.

We are keeping ourselves busy by painting our nails colors that grandparents wouldn't approve of, giving each other little tiny tastes of tobasco sauce just to see how the other will react (lots o fun) and switching off drivers while driving around town while the other cries and cries and cries (my personal fave).

ah...and Julia couldn't figure out how to work my high tech maroon flip cell phone camera to get a photo of me in our favorite toy (I secretly think she knows I look better in primary colors) but I graciously took a photo of her enjoying herself in the big girl bouncy contraption with more distractions than a baby could ever dream to dream of:
you would think she has never played with real toys with her starstruck expression that lasted about 14 minutes
 Thank your patron saint that we (aka...Simon conveniently) forgot the camera at home or else you would be sure to be graced with hourly documentations of our wild and crazycakes antics. 

well..I must be off...Julia found Simon's OBGYN textbook and is wanting to know what an episiotomy is.




  1. Hey girl you won a giveaway at my blog but haven't heard from you! Email me so I can get you set up :)

  2. tears of laughter. I just love your posts!




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