Simon Says and a flick

21 January 2011

I generally try to be somewhat innovative without going overboard or weirdly over the top when it comes to making dinner. I failed miserably yesterday after putting together some sort of chicken/black bean/tomato/onion/green pepper....stew. It didn't look quite right and I thought if I threw it in the blender maybe that would help the bla-factor. . wrrrrrong I was ... the results were nauseating.  The blender gave me a black, white and death-by-grey colored porridge. gross. Simon came home and asked what smelled so good...I told him it was some dinner invention gone wrong and to just enjoy the grilled cheese I had made instead but he insisted on going and taking a peek at the corpse of my dinner. Upon inspection he said, 
"well...if you let it dry we would certainly have enough mortar to build a brick house."

and I completely agreed. 

Also...last night over our gourmet dinner of yogurt and sandwiches I asked Simon (whose hearing sometimes suffers a little bit...) if he had the article, "Why Chinese Mothers are Superior" which he replied,
" I have not read the article about the Chinese woman that started her period...."

And while I might paint Julia's behavior in a somewhat negative light on here at times...she redeemed herself by not making a peep while this unfortunate little marriage of her headband, eyes and ears occurred briefly while I was in the other room last night...
self-imposed solidarity with Helen Keller

Nor she did say a word here...
...near death by an overly affectionate Raggedy Ann and her scary hair

first smile captured on camera in two months
and now for the ..only interesting or exciting to parents and grandparents.. portion of this post...Julia works very hard on her kicks and as you can tell...concentrates like a dutiful four month old...



  1. Geez G-money, you could atleast cheer her on.

    Lovin the gummy smile. I miss those!

  2. Funny and adorable photos!!! It looks like she is preparing her muscles to roll over soon. Absolutely love that smile!!!

  3. hahaha. chinese woman who got her p-rod!

  4. so i thought you put the head band over her eyes to trick her into smiling. I guess it wasn't necessary though, PRESH smile!

  5. she is cracking me up witht hose little kicks.



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