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18 January 2011

***FYI...Ann and Anna...this post might conjure up feelings of jealousy in the crafting department...I'll try not to hold it against you. 

This is not a crafting blog...believe you me but I've contracted a very serious and unfortunate illness: a nasty fever of the cabin variety. .. .and it is merely the 18th of January. May the good Lord help me. my previously hidden talent of crafting I retreat. Lucky you, lucky Julia and lucky world. You may have noticed in recent photos that Julia is losing her hair faster than Ricky Gervais can insult all of Hollywood and I decided to be a kind mother (which I'm never not of course) and make a hair covering for the little dollface: want a closer look?

happiest baby in the whooooooooooole world, clearly

oh, an even closer look you say?

Great Grandma Patton: the flower color is NOT an indicator of a new Wildcat alliance...fear not!
I just used the scraps from Julia's wide-legged sweat pants and tooted my very green and environmentally friendly horn in the process. Don't worry. 

and for a late afternoon snack some Simone Says action:

1. I've been trying to phase some friends out of my life for a few months now . . . and by friends I mean archenemies by their alliterative name of: pesky postpartum pregnancy pounds. They are super clingy, never get the hint when I tell them I want to be alone and seem to be frustratingly content in their current occupation. Simon is VERY helpful when he says things like this...

"I dare you to try on Julia's pants."

ha. ha. ha.

2. Regarding my apparent unladylike ways:

"We will be needing to hire a governess for our daughters. You can be in charge of our sons and the barnyard animals."


anddd I'm off to pray for a miraculous spike in temperature tomorrow and the next day and preferably the next.


  1. Great news that she's losing her baby hair! The blond curls will look grand! The headband is your best craft yet but, um, who has brown nail polish?

  2. totally impressive craft! my fave: your awesome nail polish! I think I might invite myself over and you can teach me your crafting ways.

  3. oh my gosh you are getting so crafty! and what better model than sweet baby J:)
    Okay we need to go to the beach....going to go clinically diagnosed crazy by March!

  4. pahahah i looooooooooove it. the headband is SUPER CUTE i'm serious!

  5. i love the colors you chose. i love it, and clearly julia loves it. keep the crafts a comin.

    are simon's pants denim? or sweats? or denim sweats?

  6. ha. yes jdel. they are the new swenims. denim sweat pants with a gunny sack braided belt.

    i can smell your jealousy from here.

  7. You have to be one of the funniest people I know. Look at you, crafty mama!
    I am sure you have already seen this site, but check out . I get a ton of awesome sewing ideas from that blog!



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