only child syndrome

09 January 2011

Because Julia is an only child she gets a little lonely from time to time...and because we are mean parents we have decided that she will have to get creative in the toy department. She has happily  complied and recently named this pillow her best friend forever and ever and demanded a photo shoot with her new bosom buddy.... 

"okay mom...first take a photo of me alone with my stylish pixie cut"

"doesn't my friend make me look skinny?"
angry/funny/showing a leeeedle leg
"who needs a laptop when I have my pillow corners?"

"never not a fantastic time"

seriously...Julia was insistent on this shoot. Its not as if she has weirdo first time parents that photograph her almost every move. Not at alllll.


  1. her hair is agrowin rapidly. i like her picking at the pillow corners. and her smile. and her onesie and everything about hulia



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