yee haw

21 December 2010

nothing like some family photos gone no bueno to quicken your pulse and warm your hearts:

Here we have Julia pulling out her favorite diva card...refusing to wear her powder pink uggs and refusing to show any signs of life

Next we present: How to get a baby to show emotion and maybe smile (it might look like she isn't having fun but I can assure you that indeed...she is loving life)

And here..."mom needs to be exorcised....stat"

and the grand finale of...contemplative with a hint of boring

Many thanks to Simon's sister Elizabeth for being the most kind and patient photographer to ever walk planet earth...we were able to capture some keepers thanks to her stelllllar skills.


  1. I LOL'ed quite jollily (is that a word) at the 3rd pic.

  2. When do we get to see the keepers?

  3. holy snowzer i came back on your blog to see your family photos again and you had a whole new banner up! i like it only its a tease cause i kept wanting it to load so i could see the photo but there isnt one. just the bottom of simons shoes.

  4. oh nevermind. its loaded now. and i love it. you are going to have to show me how to make banners when i see you. or whatever they are called.

  5. hahahahah I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i love the bannerrrrrrrrrr!



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