confessions of a grinch

19 December 2010

So...for the past several days I've been kind of a b. Poor Simon and Julia. While the rest of the free world has been decorating for Christmas, Christmas shopping and delving into the spirit of Advent I have been wallowing in an ugly vat of self pity.  If I'm not complaining out loud to Simon about how much I hate not being able to hold Julia or how little energy I have you can be certain I am thinking about how horrible my life is and how much I am missing out on this Christmas season.  While I don't feel well enough to start training for that marathon I'm going to run in 2011 (mmmhmmm), I certainly don't feel sick enough to warrant laying in my futon all day staring at Julia's crib that is overflowing with um..I don't even know what.

boo. pathetic. eye roll.

So...tonight when Simon and Julia ventured out for a few hours I upgraded from diapers to pull-ups and decided to be a big girl. I laced up my tennis shoes, grabbed my ipod and went on a 14 minute date with Lady Gaga around the neighborhood. And then...I put on my creative crafting pants.  While we have our pre-lit artificial tree up (decked with our five ornaments), garland and stockings on the mantel, nativity scene hiding behind the garland and advent wreath out (yet to be lit) I have done nothing in the mildly creative or festive crafting realm this year.  With alllllllllllll of this time on my hands one would think that I would dive deep into some deep cleaning or organizing or gift making or something....anything.  But I haven't. feels like we have gotten lots and lots of Christmas cards and I decided that they needed a little temporary home. So I fashioned this little number out of ribbons left over from baby shower gifts:

I know...hold the applause. Once I started hanging the cards I realized we had only actually received five Christmas cards (one of which is actually a wedding save the date) and decided to supplement with photos of family and friends and us...naturally. I realize that this doesn't even really count as a craft but that's gave my poor self-centered soul a brief reprieve from the wallowing, pouting and whining it had become embarrassingly accustomed to this past week.

Thank you pathetic ribbon of Christmas cards and photos!

Mrs. Crafty and Cheery at your service.

Happy last week of Advent.

(and one for the road from last week in Buffalo)



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