dinner time at Camp Patton....

18 December 2010

Welcome to our crazy Saturday night...

I will give Simon five generous points for his multitasking single parenting skills in the following photo BUT not before pointing out that the bouncy seat is not fully nor safely secured up on the counter. This wouldn't bother me at all except that Simon made me sign in my great grandmother's blood on several occasions that I would never ever ever ever ever put Julia in her Bumbo seat on the counter. 
I'm just saying.

Next we have Julia mid-feed (always exciting):

And here we give you Julia doing what she does best these days...ignoring me while I half scream half sing "PEEEEEKUHBOOOOOOOO JULIABEAR!!! PEEEEKUHBOOOOOOO LOOK OVER HERE!!! JUUUUULIUHHHH HELLOOOOOO"
(and nope...she never even blinks):

I wear my hair down about once a decade so I don't pay much attention to the length but when Simon saw me tonight he said this alluding to the length:

"uhhhhh ....... crack length"
"floss much?"

My postpartum hair is coming out in fistfuls anyway so I had better get it cut next year (laughlaugh):
That may or may not be a maternity shirt. Not telling.

Two of my nicest friends sent us FIVE new movies today and I trot...Vince and Reese await us!!


  1. I LOVE your long hair! I'm so jealous. I've been in the process of growing out my hair for years, and keep getting it cut when I get frustrated. Mine grows about a millimeter a month...

    You look great! Hope you're feeling that way. And Julia is such a doll--I'm really tempted to kiss those chubby cheeks as I see them on my computer screen...

  2. your hair looks GORGE i'm so jealous. mine is passing my shoulders right now (curly!) and i'm excited for it to keep on going.



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