growing up

30 December 2010

photo unrelated to post but doesn't Julia look two years old here?

Moving on...

on Tuesday Simon celebrated his 27th birthday and is now a big grownup like his wife. We went on a little shopping trip and found these pants...

At first glance, they look normal and innocent enough...

but NOPE....little elastic trick up their leg
Apparently..."custom fit" is merely a euphemism for "room to grow"

In the women's world...we call these maternity pants.

We also celebrated by attending a few of my brother Paul's basketball games

   #33 at your service

Julia slept angelically...
...until they started blasting some Eminem (fear not...this is right before she got into the swing of things and started diaper shaking to the beat of the blaring rap)

and some cake eating....

Julia has some new idols: lit candles

Grace learned about the existence of Air Jordans

Julia spent some qt with one of her favorite uncles ....
doubled her cheek size ...

...and wore her favorite outfit while being held by her favorite person of all time

Happy Birthday Simon! Thanks for being born so that I could rob your cradle. 

....hopefully tomorrow will bring an end to these photo laden posts and back to your regularly scheduled Camp Patton depth. 

(editor's note: this entire post was painted whilst feeding Julia a bottle with a mere chin and impressed)


  1. Not only do Air Jordans exist but they come in an array of obnoxious colors. Matt has one pair that basically looks like he's wearing the Jamaican flag on his feet.

    Those gray ones are pretty sweet and go well with the maternity pants.

  2. ahahhaha! again good job with the photos and the snazzy captions. maternity pants for men are weird. i know a certain man who could benefit from those right now. and yeah, she does seem to be growing superfast. she looks like a toddler already.



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