como se dice...

03 December 2010

In anticipation of my iodine treatment in a couple of weeks I am on a low iodine diet. The diet is pretty bland (no dairy, no iodized salt, no egg yolks...cetra, cetra, cetra) but I'm thankful that it is only for two little weeks. Basically I live off of grapes, lettuce and um...unsalted peanuts. Anyway, one of the (what seems like many) food families I am having to avoid is seafood. Someone recently asked me...

"Now, I know you can't have seafood but what about fish?!"

I looked at the questioning party quizzically and hesitantly shook my head...

Is fish not considered seafood?

(when asking Simon later in private this exact question he came to the person's defense..."Maybe they were talking about river fish??")


  1. hahaha. i like simon's logic. who asked you this? SO awesome.

  2. I'm a new reader and I have to agree with Simon.



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