oh, really?

14 December 2010

Yesterday and today I went into the doctor for injections and bloodwork. This afternoon, after waiting for what I considered an unacceptable amount of time in the waiting room, the nurse finally called me back and this exchange ensued:

Nurse: So, how are you?
Grace: Oh, fine, just fine
Nurse: Oh, really? Are you sure?
Grace: Oh..well maybe a little bit tired
Nurse: Well, you look horrible

She then proceeded to draw my blood using a knitting needle while I thought really mean thoughts about her and her loved ones.

St. Nick, if you are reading this please know that this particular nurse and the Continental employees should have their names engraved on the naughty list for the rest of their lives (at the very, very least). Thank you.


  1. how do you respond to that? idiots.

  2. What?! I am seconding the naughty list.
    I hope you don't get stuck with her again!

    Prayers for you tomorrow my dear.

  3. what a JERK. you tell me her name and i'll come beat her ass.



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