uno ano

22 August 2010

of marital bliss for us today! I'll keep the public proclamations of cheese and gush to a minimum but wanted to give a much deserved post dedication to Simon. I have a few observations, thoughts and hopes for the future of our marriage on this one year anniversary:

1. I remember when we first started talking--I thought Simon was the nicest person in the whole world. Today, I only think he is his niceness has either rubbed off on me and I'm used to it or my nicelessness has rubbed off on him and now we are just a niceish couple.

2. Simon has taught me a few things since we have been together. Perhaps one of the most important being the correct pronunciation of "women". He claims this is to be pronounced "weh-men" and I have always said woman and women the exact same. gasp.

3. One of the perks of being married to Simon is that he has really great hair...volume for days. I am seriously lacking in the body and volume department and so I'm counting on him to bequeath this trait along to our children. If the baby comes out with dull and lifeless locks, he will be responsible for teasing, blow drying and volumizing the little darling's coif each and every day.

4. Simon is very good at keeping me grounded and in touch with reality. He has repeatedly warned me that the baby could be very ugly and scrunched and red...initially. I appreciate his candor and know that in the event that she is actually NOT ugly...I will be that much more delighted and excited when she decides to arrive.

5. I think Simon might be a future saint. I was the unhappiest camper this year coming home every night with 89 (what I considered to be) horror stories from the classroom. I may have told myself to go find a corner that cared to listen but Simon listened and listened again and again and again to my diatribes and was the perfect picture of patience each and every day.

Happy Anniversary Simone!

** Simon walked by and saw the title of this post: "You know that ano means anus, right?"

so...add a mental ~ over the n...dear readers.


  1. I love it! Love you both! : ) Can't believe it's already been a whole year since getting the best SIL I could ever hope for!!!

  2. iloveit too! and i love you guys as a couple....serio, simace is a wonderful couple.

  3. hahahah i love simon's comment. what a dweeb-that we all can't help but love.

  4. just learned a new dirty word today!

  5. Clicking back through your recommended posts from other posts... the postscript on this has me cracking up!

  6. I just saw this post from a recommended post and oh my gosh! You are so funny!! I love, love your writing style :)



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