discovery zone

23 August 2010

A few unexciting but notable discoveries I made this weekend:

1. Kohl's has a maternity section. Albeit the pickings are paltry...but they do have one and those previously hideous "I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those" shapeless tent shirts are starting to look mighty comfortable right about now. Simon was equally excited about this discovery.

2. Frozen yogurt tastes really, really good after a 10 day hiatus. Whoopsie daisies.

3. Defrosted wedding cake also tastes really, really good...even after a whole year camping in the freezer.

4. Nothing makes a pregnant lady feel larger than walking/heavy breathing around a college town laden with skinny, pretty and short shorts donning college girls. Little dollop of humility for my plate.

5. Six weeks may as well be an eternity. Telling people my due date of October second has elicited some frustrating sentiments like: "ooo still a ways to go"...when I am so proud of my 34 weeks along progress.

6. I'm embarrassed to admit how proud I am that I can still squeeze my finger into my wedding rings (do you say wedding rings? or wedding band and engagement ring?).

7. I'm also more embarrassed to admit that the running shorts I bought a few sizes larger to accommodate the pregnancy now look like underwear or swimsuit bottoms clinging to my thighs and lower abdominal area. Watch out fellow YMCA frequenters.

8. I realize that I have become that boring, obnoxious house that only talks about pregnancy and how everything around her relates to her pregnancy/due date/babies and water retention. Please forgive me.

Happy Monday.



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