Simon said...on vacation

13 August 2010

I very generously offered to take over the wheel for a little bit while Simon enjoyed some shut eye on our venture from Kansas to Pennsylvania recently. Please keep in mind that I don't claim to be the most amazing driver and I am still getting used to driving our family friendly vehicle. As soon as I turned the key in the ignition and made seat adjustments to accommodate my planet of a stomach...the comments regarding the alleged herky jerky driving began:

1. (in reference to my hand/steering wheel placement) "What is that? 11 and 1? ha."

2. "You think I've been sleeping...but I really just prayed 14 rosaries."

3. "Ok...ok..just calm down!!!" (I was driving a mere 8 MPH in a residential area and not talking...I think this comment was more aimed at the GPS)

and a golden token of my appreciation for his kind words, I let Simon drive the remaining ~30 hours of the way.



    POW POW take that simon. don't be mad for grace not sharing the driving..

  2. hahhahaha! i lik the hand placement comment the MOST. but they are all awesome.

  3. that is chase with my driving!!!
    <<---world's most horrible driver right here



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