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20 August 2010

For the good of humanity: some of life's goods:

I catch myself thinking about these at random times throughout the day. They have left quite an impression on my sophisticated palate.

When those around me are enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two, I find that Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry makes a great companion.

OPI's I'm Fondue of You...This photo looks a little Aunt Mildredish but the color (methinks) strikes the perfect balance between the trendy (is it cool still?) blackasthedarkestnightever and Summer ...neon that was so in this season.

This is a bit of a fudge. I'm trying to get into it...but have already read the first three chapters twice to try and understand which character does what to whom in what order....I'll give it a little more time and concentration.

Unrelated but...I have genuinely wondering where Paris traipsed off to these past few months but now I know and can sleep soundly between my 56 bathroom trips a night: she was busy designing and launching her own shoe collection. yay for female feet everywhere.


Also, unrelated. My knowledgeable jury is still out on this dress. One photo makes it look a little bit bathrobe shimmery but I think I might like it more than I dislike it. Judge away.


  1. ok, confession-i TOO tried to get into vanity fair and have failed. i got SO CONFUSED as to what character belongs to who etc.

  2. I love the dress. and i love aniston. i have not read the book, nor tried the cheerios yet. but i agree diet dr pepper cherry whatever is delicious. have you had htem from sonic? with their ice and everything? Oh it's awesome. esp during half price happyhour.

  3. ooooh I definitely likey on the dress!! Especially that first shot! : ) Did you know that Paris Hilton has like size 10 feet? I've always found that HI-larious. I've never tried those Cheerios but probably should----Cran and I just got back from the DWhole and I feel a little bit sick! One donut too many!



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