this is to that as this is to that

08 August 2010

Remember these (think long and hard back to your grade school classroom..if you were lucky there was one lurking in the back by the teacher's desk--maybe)?

Me too, barely barely barely.
Well, I feel like this old circa 1992 computer is my blog design and alllllll zee rest of the blogs in blogland are like this shiny fancy gizmitato:

I'm not saying I'm going to rectify the situashe (because I've not a CLUE how) but I'm just recognizing the obvious and thinking about maybe trying to give it a little more sheen and shine here and there. You know a little face my talented sister-in-law Mary (decorator extraordinaire) does over at Room Polish for rooms needing some zing? Stay tuned...maybe Christmas will bring my faithful followers something special.


  1. well I happen to love your blog, S.I.L! I was reading today about some downloadable handwriting fonts, maybe something we can learn about together. It seemed like an awful lot of copy-pasting code if you ask me.... get back here already!



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