Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Simon Says...garden edition

Simon went outside to take out the trash yesterday morning and was gone for a little bit longer than the task required.

He triumphantly returned from the outdoors and asked:

"Were you wondering what was taking me so long? I was harvesting."

and presented this: (he does have a thumb...it was just busy being oh so green and couldn't make the photo shoot)

So now I'm presented with the conundrum of what to make: a sip of tomato soup? a 1/2 bite of spaghetti sauce? a small squeeze of ketchup? ooo the possibilities are potentially endless.


  1. hahah! love it! you could make one bruschetta, and save a seed for a snack later!

  2. put it in a salad. one tomato on the top.

  3. bahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa. thanks for explaining the absence of the thumb :)

  4. that is hilarious...but it is true there is something innate in our being that swells with pride when we can grow things big or small haha.


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