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19 July 2010

The other night I had a brief meeting with brilliance. With my birthday looming around the bend and my stomach grumbling for some sweet treats, I googled birthday clubs and signed up for as many as I could find. My heart rate skyrocketed as I feverishly click clacked away thinking of all the heavenly goodness coming my way for free. Bonus: certain birthday clubs even send coupons as a thank you for signing UP for their birthday club (coupons taken advantage of that night--worry not). To my salivary glands' delight-the real birthday email coupons have started pouring in. I will be enjoying a slew of ice cream cones and doughnuts beginning today and ending in about three weeks.

I think Simon's new birthday will have to be in three weeks and one day.

**I promise the posts will maybe not be SO saturated with baby and food talk--some day soon. Maybe.


  1. where do you sign up for these birthday clubs.

  2. ohhhhhh myyyyy goodness! so glad to know about this kind of thing!!! we should go to coldstone and get bestthing EVER---Birthday Cake Remix. Favey favey ice cream treat! Ever had it??? Hope you're having a good day over at 234!!!



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