it could be worse

30 July 2010

There have been a few (or maybe more than a few) times recently that I have caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror and have been horrified by the puffy and almost unrecognizable reflection staring back at me. Luckily, I came across this little emerald that made me realize that things could be worse in the looks department. Its funny now but at the time my grandma was ready to file for a divorce from my grandpa (at the time retired orthodontist) for installing (installing/hammering with no mercy) an expansion plate to open up my jaw "just a little bit". Because it happened so gradually, I didn't see what the big deal was until every other person commented on how unfortunate it was that I had lost my two front teeth at the same time. I kept frustratingly correcting them and explaining that these WERE my two front teeth and that I was just undergoing the beginning stages of orthodontia. Clearly we turned the key that expanded the tool/my mouth a few too many times as not only did my jaw expand but my two front teeth, my nose and my entire face took part in the fun as well. I remember trying to blow out the birthday candles on a cake that summer and being really frustrated at how ineffective I was at the task.
Anyway-here is the photographic evidence. Yes those are my two FRONT teeth and yes they did eventually grow back together and no divorce proceedings were necessary.


  1. you had an RPE too?! i can't believe you photographed it. you better believe there are NO pictures of when my mouth looked like that. and one girl asked if i lost a tooth - i was 13.

  2. Oh yes! I had my palate expanded as well! Too funny :) braces FOUR separate times, a thumb guard and a tongue-tie clipping teeth look relatively normal. My kids are screwed.



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