Simon Also Says

13 July 2010

(while passing a landfill along the highway)
"dumps really interest me"

(we didn't dive deeper into this subject so take that as you will)

(the following said twice now)
"haha I picked up YOUR khaki shorts thinking they were mine"
yes, haha.

(while observing a 4th of July parade in which the grand marshall was a 93 year old in a wheelchair and there were more animals (toy and living) than humans marching)
"this is the most drunk I've ever felt sober"


  1. haahahahahahahah!!! i think the middle simonism is my favorite.
    i have been meaning to blog some reedisms.

  2. baha and on #3, love how he remembers it as supposedly saying "this is the weirdest normal thing i've ever done"
    mmhmm...I believe Grace's memory

  3. that is awesome. i believe grace too.

  4. i literally have tears in my eyes. i love his humor.



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