the tangible

22 July 2010

I remember a time not so long ago when Simon's family was teasing their mom for her enthusiasm and excitement for those magical moments on Mondays-Saturdays when the snail mail would arrive. I can't make too much fun because I have found myself getting equally excited for the daily arrival of the mailman this summer. I'm sure he doesn't, but if the mailman were to care and study the (disappointing) contents of our mail yesterday--I wonder what he would've thought about the inhabitants of our little house.

We received:
a Pottery Barn catalog (exciting enough)
an invitation to try out some new dermatological wonders to enhance aging skin
an advertisement for a photography studio that specializes in baby photos
a box of formula samples
and an invitation to take part in a chlamydia study

all shapes and sizes reigning supreme here.

and on an equally unexciting note--we are off to once again see the New Mexican wizard today. A family friendly car and sewing machine awaits us!


  1. oh my gosh i think i would be more excited about the sewing machine then the car!! think of all the things you can learn to make! i wish i had remembered my lessons in knitting... i need to learn again.

    why do you have chlamydia.



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