so, like, what do you DO all day?

24 July 2010

someone recently asked me.

I do lots of important, important things of course. But the other day it was what I didn't do that was important. Simon very kindly took it upon himself to clean out the six loosely organized junk drawers in our kitchen. The junk ranged from our marriage certificate to felt Christmas gift card holders to electronic cords galore to tape measureS (multiple) to lots of exciting other things..most of which ended up in the trash (not the marriage certificate or the tape measures--fear not). Simon got a little tuckered out during the cleaning and needed a little nap break whilst he was organizing away. I managed to get these during nap time.

***maybe the most unexciting post of all time here at Camp Patton? well..its Saturday and you should be outside enjoying the sunshine anyway.


  1. having clean and organized drawers is the best feeling. your apartment looks so pretty. who asked you what you do all day? i hope it wasnt me.

  2. Someone really REALLY asked you what you do all day? I thought that was outlawed. I mean, HONESTLY. To any working mom who asked me that, I'd say, "You know all the shit you complain about because you don't have enough time to do it? I HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO DO IT. Don't hate."

  3. Also, I am not a stalker reading every post in your archives. (Not tonight at least.) I thoroughly enjoyed your "what moms think" post and your LinkWithin helpfully suggested that I check this post out. So I did. Thank you, LinkWithin. *hugs*

  4. Well in regards to the comment above, I guess I am a stalker reading every post in your Archive...awkward.



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