winter challenge

06 July 2010

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day one
professor meets equestrian meets mom
blazer: Ann Tayor (geriatric, not Loft), sweater: Gap via Goodwill, turtleneck: Target, pants: Target, boots: Famous Footwear, Scarf: Target

I forgot I had this gem of a velvet blazer in my small stash of formerly necessary, no longer needed but not getting rid of professional clothing. I think it clashes nicely with my stop sign red pants (that are just tight enough so that you can probably perfectly make out my knee hair that I haven't shaved in six-eight months).  This outfit makes zero sense in my line of work but I'm pretty sure my kids took me more seriously in my authoritative getup. 
Giddy up.

day two
cardigan: Target, turtleneck: H&M, pants: altered Banana Republic, wedges: Target, scarf: H&M, watch: Target

I was originally going to wear all black but then I thought I'd spice things up a bit by wearing um .. all neutral/split pea soup/sand/grey/no colors at all. The scarf acted nicely as a spit up stain cover up, the pants were high-waisted like mom pants should be, Julia removed and hid my watch 45 times, and the shoes were impractical. Your basic recipe for Monday success.

day three
button up: Polo outlet, v-neck: Gap, wides: H&M, booties (hidden by wides): Target

What is the trend here? All I see is a mediocre outfit that I definitely wore in middle school and will rock again as a middle aged mom.
Wide legs (!) and I even cashed in my crazy ticket and tucked in my sweater (!!).  Who knows, tomorrow I might get really bold and highlight my teeth (!!!). A little pop of neon might do me good.

day four
feebly attempting to channel Emerson
very naturally sitting on the two inches of window ledge. so Emerson.
turtleneck: H&M, jegs: Target, shoes: Target

Emerson, if you're reading this (very likely) ... don't be too insulted. Obviously not winning any points for channeling or emulating here, unless you count cuffing my spandex. Em seems to love a good cropped pant paired with a turtleneck so I followed suit sort of ... somewhat unsuccessfully. And my hair looks unkempt, not effortless like hers always does. And the wedges are purely for looks, I have to confess. This is what I looked like 3 seconds post shoot:
 I won't take the blame for Julia's ensemble (or her fake smile). That was alllll her doing.
I'm sure my idol, Suri, would not approve.
(I will take the cred for Sebastian's look of glee ... what a ham.)

day five
button up small stripe: Jcrew outlet, large stripe: Old Navy, jeans: Banana Republic (altered), boot ease: Target

Yawn. This outfit may appear boring, predictable, and tired to the general public but in our house it was big news. Julia took one look and started chanting, "kee" (her syllable for everything: banana, no, cheerios, chocolate, orange peel, go away I'm eating some lint ... etc) over and over and Sebastian stared and nose dove right on into the getup like a kamikaze moth to a burning flame. 
(photo below proves there are two patterns mixed ... albeit minor)


  1. well im glad she inherited the ability to enjoy something other than nicholas sparks.



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