why so fancy?

16 July 2010

I've seen some chatter about these on mom blogs...with mixed reviews. My opinion lies somewhere in between indifference and dislike.

As with many other things, maybe my tune will change when I have a baby. The white diapers just might get too boring and a little variety might be welcomed at some point.


As always, I don't ride a high fashion horse but Simon and I saw these at Target last night and couldn't believe our fingertips. (well, I couldn't believe my fingertips....he couldn't believe how long it was taking for us to leave the premises) They looked like skinny jeans with their waistband and seams but they were a cruel optical illusion. And..I am curious as to who would look good in them. I can say with absolute, absolute certainty: not I.


  1. denim diapers are really dumb. but the jeggings -- im a fan. as long as they are more denim then stretch. they are super comfortable and...well, people think you are wearing jeans...only have one pair. christi, on the other hand, has jeggings in every color.

  2. ooooh the diapers are denim! it took a long time of staring and even then I couldn't figure it out. as for the jeans. hilarious shopping with eliz last weekend, she was trying on skinny jeans, 'these don't look like those spandex jeans do they? bc....sick' hahaha!!!

  3. My hubs and I thought the denim diapers were the cutest thing when they came out so we bought a couple packages in three different sizes in case they quit making them. Fast forward three/four years with our firstborn and although we don't use Huggies, we don't hate these. Not as cool as they were then though I must admit.



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