Samily: Official Wedding Photos

18 May 2017

You already got the cellular photo version but it's time to feast your eyes on the real deal taken by Becca who completely outdid herself. Have I spent more time scrolling through these than I have my own wedding photos? I'll never tell.

If you want a little backstory - their How We Met story is right over HERE!

Here we go ... heavy on the Pattons because it's my blog. I'm sorry. Sort of.

All the ladies gazing adoringly at the groom, naturally. I was sort of on the fence about my velcro ankle strap shoes with the block heels but you know what? They didn't sink in the sand so - WIN.

The whole family (well, the bride's immediate family along with our maternal grandma and my brother Paul's lovely fiancée, Annie). Complete with Julia's infectious smile.

Theodore and his distaste for the limelight.

Simon and his brigade of bizarrely relatively behaved offspring (had I walked down with them? pandemonium - guaranteed)

I spent way too much time trying to decide which ones to post because there were SO many good ones of the happy couple but here we go ...

My Aunt Rebecca set up a balloon animal/hat/crown making table and the Patton kids were her biggest patrons ...

And Bettina (my mom) getting DOWN.

maybe you caught this in action on my IG story - how very millennial of me ...

the CFRs doing some of the best break dancing/popping I've ever seen and putting the entire dance floor to shame.

the shamed.

I could keep sharing and sharing and sharing but considering the fact that it's not even my wedding - I'll stop here. I guess.

But, my brother Paul is getting married in October so the glut of wedding goodness will be back up and running in NO time.

You're NEXT.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Love!! Glad everything went well - nothing better than being with your family.

  2. These pictures are beautiful! I love the colors they chose. And GENIUS to have balloon animals for the little kids!

  3. I love wedding pictures :) your sister (aka your twin) looks so happy and beautiful. can't wait for more :D

  4. I heart these photos so much!! What a beautiful wedding and a lovely couple. I liked their story, too. You and your sisters could be twinsies! :)



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