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16 May 2017

These past few weeks have been clouded with an ugly array of bizarrely (but not life threatening or anything TOO too serious) awful situations? Occurrences? Simon keeps saying, "oh you HAVE to blog about that" and I will eventually but I gotta get a little more distance before I find the humor in any of them - you feel me? Or as many would say, "you fill me?"

You do. I know it. And everything is totally fine. More than fine.

So! I thought I'd throw down a little list of happy in lieu of a little litany of complaints alright? Alright.

1. Did you see that Freshly Picked came out with sandals (today! right this second!)? We love their moccasins and when they offered to send Julia, Theo, Phoebe, and Bosco a pair I was probably more ecstatic than I should've been (Sebastian's feet are too big, sadly - as they only go up to size 12). They have this amazing new buckle that easy to "snap" and take off, are super waterproof (Susan, owner and founder of Freshly Picked let a pair soak in salt water for two days and they still look good as new - I can attest to that too as the kids have worn them to the beach and - allll good) and they come in fun colors. Anyway, they sent the sandals with no strings attached but I had to mention them because I have strong feelings about kids' footwear and these are GOOD.

2. I mentioned that I placed an order with Primary a few weeks ago and I'm happy to report that I was really impressed with the quality/fit etc for the price. Everything has washed well and fits true to size and I'm thrilled to have a source for plain colored rash guards (they can be hard to find sometimes, believe it or not) and t-shirts at the very least. Again, they have no idea who I am but wish I'd known about them a couple summers ago (although I believe their swim stuff is pretty new).

3. These two.

Whenever I tell them to hold hands out in public as a safety precaution they say, "okay! we are all buckled up" and it cracks me up like the mom that I am. Bosco and the new baby will be the furthest apart age wise but second place goes to Theo and Phoebe but they are called twins every single time we are out in public because Theo only has about an inch on Phoebe (if that) and as much as they fight they are pretty much inseparable throughout the day. I couldn't imagine Theo and Phoebe being as close as Bash and Theo were before Bash went off to preschool but - it happened! And I can't imagine Bosco and Phoebe as close as Theo and Phoebe this coming year when Theo goes to preschool but watch my imagination be proved wrong! We shall see.

4. On a non-kid related note (they do exist on this blog, believe it or not) -- I've been loving Reality Steve's podcast. That might change once Rachel's season starts because he might discuss spoilers but he's had some awesome and old school guests/contestants on and it's so fun hearing the behind the scenes from their season, what they are up to now etc. I don't read his site during or leading up to the season because I like to remain spoiler-free but I'm a fangirl of the podcast. Also - RIP Ben and Lauren. Do you think either of them will make an appearance on BIP? I'm going to guess no but who knows.

5. Speaking of Rachel - her season starts this coming Monday. As Simon says, "you'll have a reason to live, once again" which -- that's a stretch (and a joke, calm down) BUT -- I'm excited.

6. Miley's new song. I can't help it.

7. If you're in any sort of summertime panic - might I recommend Spot It for your kids to play? Don't let the 7+ age rec scare you off because even Phoebe can play and keep up with the other kids which is nice because she's a little young for UNO - their other obsession.

8. SLEEP. I'm going to jinx it but generally by this point of pregnancy (35.5 weeks - yes the .5 must be noted) sleep is kind of touch and go, "preparing you for what's to come!" well meaning people like to say with a laugh. But! I have to say that I'm sleeping really, really well and I attribute it to giving in and getting one of those absurdly huge pregnancy pillows. I'm guessing they are all created equalish but mine has been great. Simon says the pillow and I take up about 90% of the bed to which I say: saints have suffered, Simone Pattone.

9. I'm sure I'm the last one to discover this Instagram account but I just adore it. And I rarely to never use the word adore.

10. My due date is one month from tomorrow (and yes, of course it could be many days after that) but it still makes me super happy. A few people have taken one look at me and asked, "overdue???" which doesn't even kind of offend me because I look it. 110%. You're never truly ready ready for a new baby but we feel pretty ready. Bring on the terrible sleep, bb.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. added Spot it to my amazon list... will be perfect for family game night! P+T are the cutest little frenemies, and yes, the way we met is thee best... reminds me of when you did that how we met linkup forever ago and I got to binge my way through it!

    you look great!!

  2. Wait I can't believe your blog is where I'm hearing about Ben & Lauren's split! I'm actually a tinge sad about their news. I'm also devouring the Reality Steve podcast 😉 My MIL says the Bachelor is filth and I shouldn't let it into my home but like .... it makes me so happy!

  3. My 4- and 6-year old LOVE SpotIt, and have for at least a year. Such a great game!

  4. Your recommendations are awesome in this post! I purchased the pillow and I know my husband is going to HATE it, but pregnant mama's need to sleep!!!

  5. wow, thank you for highlighting Primary! I have been looking for a source for bright coloured kids clothing forever! this is awesome!

  6. I am 32.5 weeks pregnant and I just got/started sleeping with a body's like having four people in the bed, me, baby, husband and pillow. The other morning my husband said he didn't sleep so good because the baby was kicking him all night. Oh really. Hmm wonder how that feels. All that to say, I think the pillow is AWESOME and totally worth it. Totally.

  7. Your pillow is small compared to the one that I bought (the huge U shaped one) - my poor husband had about 1/3rd of the bed, if that! But it was awesome for sleep - I forgot it on one short trip and we had to come home early because I couldn't sleep without it!

    1. haha I feel you! Mine is the length of the bed - can't imagine any bigger but now I want to see it!!

  8. The past few weeks have been full of weird, freak accidents at my house...Thankfully everyone is fine and people keep telling me I'll laugh about them someday, but that day is not today. It probably won't be tomorrow either. ANYWAY, thanks for the Primary tip. Checking out their swim stuff now!

  9. Yes to Primary, Yes to Spot It! Those sandals look perfect. I want them for me.

  10. I was happy to discover Primary--we haven't ordered anything yet, but it sure would be nice to have some kid clothes that are less shrink prone.

    || ||



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