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12 May 2017

1. I had the brilliant idea to take Sebastian and Bosco on a walk sans stroller last night (Sebastian isn't a stroller patron so he wasn't the problem) ...

It started out great and very fun and free range and I'm worried Bosco will forever turn his nose up at the walking wheels from here on out ...

... but quickly turned into an odyssey of not fun. He's a little too young for the whole, "okay - we'll see you later!" and they follow trick - or he just doesn't care but I'm glad that mistake is behind me. Parenting is just one big fat continuing education class, isn't it?

2. Speaking of parenting - I hope you've all seen this Mother's Day post/clip because it's so wonderful and needed around this time of year (and always - but I'd imagine especially right now). I also loved this post that I stumbled on via FB a few days ago. One to reread every now and again.

3. Did you see Kate's recent post on Damien? Damien is Simon's top boy name (I like it more than he likes my top boy name so --- it's def a tippy top contender) and I guess I've been living under a rock but had never ever associated the name with The Omen (I'd also never heard of the movies) but I appreciated her thoughts on the matter! I also thoroughly enjoyed her post for Jenna because I have serious baby name fever and just want to get some names set in stone. Simon takes a more, "we'll know once they're here!" approach which I pretend to be cool with as I scour my multitude of name lists on my phone.

4. I think I need to get off of my Nancy Thayer kick - her books are great but a change would be good (also, I think I've read almost all of them at this point because there is never a wait for them at the library). I'm in the middle of Belonging and enjoying it but I promised myself to switch it up next week. I finished The Futures last week and was unpleasantly surprised by the "interpret as you will" ending but it was still a good book.

5. If you're in the market for new tennis shoes - Nike just threw a whole bunch on sale (Converse included!) and until 5/16 is offering an additional 20% off their clearance section with the code: BONUS20. Overkill to get Simon a pair for his birthday in December? Prepared Patton at your service. For once.

6. The entire kid's home section at Target is 30% off through the end of today (furniture, bedding, rugs, lamps, the works!) -- I'm partial to this brand but lots of brands are on sale!

7. Alright, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day! I'm going to give chalk paint (not chalkboard - although that's tempting too!) a try for the first time -- I've got my hopes set unfairly high and you know I'll keep you posted!

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  1. Grace, I totally loved how you said sans! My husband and I love to use that word too. Have you read Girl Boss yet? I just started it and love it!

  2. Leaving the same comment here I left at Sancta Nomina:
    We have a 10-yr-old Damien...born in 2006 after the remake came out. Neither my husband nor I had ever seen the movie and had no idea that was the name used in it....and we've only ever had one comment about it from my uncle right after he was born. No one has said anything since. No regrets here! We love St Damien and will totally make a pilgrimage to Molokai someday!!!

  3. Are you making your own chalk paint? Made my own and turned out fine -- I think ;)

  4. I LOVE the name Jenna. It was on our girl list for a long time.

  5. My husband was going to be named Damien and then that movie came out... So he's Daniel.

  6. Ugh, the dreaded wait until they're here patience! I don't have it, I've scoured every website out there-baby numero tres might have to go by her brothers suggestion of Skip Gordon...🙄

    Also, re-boys room-we bought those sheets for our bed after months of searching for the perfect sheet and we will never go back! Soft, easy to clean, great patterns-win all around! :)

  7. Happy Mother's Day to you, Grace. Love what you share.
    Have your read One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid? If not, I don't think you'd be disappointed.

    1. Yes! A few months back and loved it :) thanks for thinking of me!

  8. "One big fat continuing education class" - truth!

    Thank you for the links. The loss video was very appropriate for my niece right now, and I was glad to be able to share it with her as she struggles with miscarriage. And I loved the blog post about making mistakes.



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