bullies, books, and the Bachelor

19 May 2017

1. Bosco is becoming a little bit of a no-remorse bully. Simon declared that if he had to awkwardly steer him away from harassing yet another toddler at the playground - no more playground for Bully B. One of Simon's mom's friends swears that even the youngest of kids can sense when a new baby is about to come on the scene so maybe he's acting out but - homeboy has gone from mostly innocent baby boy to terrifying toddler almost overnight.

A phase, always a phase. I hope and pray.

2. I've come to know and accept the fact that photography is not and will never be one of my God-given talents - ever. SOooOoOoOo ... I was so excited when Becca started a photography for beginners series over on her blog. We've had the same camera since right before Sebastian was born but I don't feel like we deserve or need a new one until I step up my game -- Becca to the rescue, I hope -- because I'm pretty hopeless.

3. Alright, has anyone read Crazy Rich Asians? I finished Belonging (which the first Nancy Thayer book I've read that dragged on for about five too many chapters) and dove into CRA - so far, so good!

4. Did you see that the Bachelor is getting (yet another) spinoff show? I'll never be too good for a spinoff but I would appreciate if it would air during the drought of the fall when nothing is airing. Year round franchise, Fleiss. Thanks.

5. Simon and I (and some friends) got to go see The Head and the Heart on Tuesday night thanks to Queen B. It was SO fun. And hot. I had cups of ice to keep my company (not anemic just hot). If you ever get a chance to see them live - do it do it do it.

6. Today was Julia and Sebastian's last day of school and Julia Planner Patton has already asked me the itinerary for the entire summer (day specific, please). I better get cracking on that but I'm thinking some beach trips with an interior baby might be a little more fun than with a fresh new baby so - look at me and my planning go.

7. You'll never believe it but J.Crew Factory is running one of their 40% off clearance styles sales. Just use code: EXTRA40. Aaaand the sale section at Loft is 40% off (no code needed) - both sales have tons of summer styles in case you're in the thick of the upper 90s too!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Yes to crazy rich Asians and the sequel China Rich Girlfriend!! I can't wait for the movie!

  2. Crazy Rich Asians is a good book! There is a 3rd about to be released this month. Can't wait. Even my 12 year old daughter had read the 2 books

  3. the bach spinoff reminds me of how mtv does road rules and those other shows...
    looking forward to lots of dramatic ambulance scenes...

  4. Crazy Rich Asians is my FAVORITE audio book EVER. I think I commented that once on your Insta. They have two books out ( the second one lulls just a bit) and the third one is being released this week. AND it's becoming a movie. Needless to say, I loved it.

  5. CRA and the sequel - so GOOD!

  6. I was thinking about going to St Pete to see The Head and the Heart, (I really don't know anything about them but LOVE Jannus) bummed I didn't now!

  7. Crazy Rich Asians has a good plot. i had to read China Rich Girlfriend after that. And, oh, JOY, Rich People Problems is already out! :)



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