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26 May 2017

1. Monkey see, monkey do ...

... Too bad Bosco isn't as into hand holding as Theo is. Sorry Phoebe/monkey numero dos.

2. We are a week into summer break and I'm realizing that the ubiquitous summer "bucket list" I've been seeing on mom blogs for the past few years is just a euphemism for, "a list to help mom hold it together all summer" because we are going through a little bit of an adjustment period. We just need to settle into a routine and we will. Soon! I know it.

3. Fran (one of my most trusted literary connoisseurs - official title) gave Small Great Things two thumbs up so I'm on the library hold list (155th! So, any minute now) but I loved Crazy Rich Asians this week. I doubled up on reading and listening to the audio book when I couldn't be reading because I was enjoying it so much. Simon started it and so far has only said, "so many footnotes!" and, "it's never good when there's a family tree at the beginning" but I think he'll survive - and like it too.

4. These are both old internet news but I found myself nodding along with both as this is something I struggle with on the daily/hourly -- Just Do the Dishes and The Dishes Can Wait, and Other Lies.

5. Alright I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by The Bachelorette premier only because Nick's season was such a letdown so I didn't have my hopes set high. Rachel's got a lot of clowns on her hands (and whywhywhy on that first impression rose pick?!) but my favorites so far are Peter and DeMario plus she's such a class act and will be fun to watch.

6. Odds are GOOD you've heard allll about this big sale so I won't beat a dead Clydesdale but I always used to ignore the sale until I realized it's worth um, not ignoring. I live in workout clothes (minus the workout) postpartum so I was happy to see so many pieces marked down 40-50%. I'm also almost always wearing sneakers around the house and their selection of Nikes on sale is pretty extensive at the moment.

7. Others worth noting:

One of my favorite places to shop small (baby Bosco is wearing their sweats in the little Birth Novellas photo in my sidebar) is offering 25% off everything with the code: MEMORIAL25 (and they just came out with dresses - red dress dancing emoji).

I've mentioned these sandals on Facebook twice already but they are still 40% off so what's the harm in a third time? If in between sizes I highly recommend sizing down. Also, I never thought I'd feel compelled to blog about unmentionables but these underwear are both super comfortable and seamless and a great price for the quality.

And finally there's a 50% off ALL tees, tanks, shorts, and swimwear for the whole family sale over at Old Navy in case you're kids grew several inches since last summer ... it's worth checking out.

Okay, the girls just asked how to "pierce our own ears" so I better go supervise slash put a stop to the insanity.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Small Great Things was a great book. My one suggestion though - hold off until after you have the baby. I just finished it (I'm 35 weeks pregnant) and the topic (aka dead baby) made for some sleepless nights.

  2. Grace !!! I just got those boybriefs from Aerie!! I am in total love. I was wearing the cheekies, but was so tired of my underwear residing where I did not want it. I am so relieved that these stay put and are seamless. Also ,love the price. My husband thinks that they look like granny panties, but after being married for 16 years, I think we are at the point where I don't need to wear thongs on the daily to impress him. Um... I needed to read "Dishes can Wait..." about 7 years ago, but I am happy to have read it now. Relieves a teensy bit of " mom guilt ". Actually, I was discussing the article with my husband and he said " I have never heard that saying before, dishes can wait". Mom thing. Thanks, Grace!!

  3. I love to read your blog posts! They make me happy!

  4. Small Great Things was a good book - I love most of what she writes anyway.



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