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19 December 2016

Oh, boy. Sometimes I really and truly act like it's my first day on parenting earth and don't think things through. I hope and pray I'm not alone. A brand we know and have grown to love, Sago Mini, recently sent their amazing Tuck Me in Quilt to test drive and since it's twin size and Julia is the only kid in a twin bed it seemed natural to give the quilt to her. Well, guess what went on three Patton children's last minute Christmas gift lists of desperation? I'll take the Tuck Me in Quilt for one million, Alex.

And to be honest - I don't blame them one bit! It is pretty fun and has provided Julia with loads of ideas for of imaginative play (and her siblings when she allows). The quilt was created in collaboration with renowned textile designer Libs Elliot and has pockets to encourage role playing for kids to tuck their own dolls and toys into bed, read them stories, and kiss them goodnight.

This limited edition quilt includes four Sago Mini Plush characters which Julia told me she named herself ...

l-r Jack the Rabbit, Heavy the Dog, Rovin the bird, and Ginger the cat

but then I read the tags and she had just translated from Harvey the dog, Robin the bird, and Jinja the cat. Close enough, J, close enough!!

The quilt is designed for kids ages one and up but don't tell Bosco because he has to yet to get the Christmas list making memo.

Here we have Julia doing her very best to, "share" her goods ... 

getting warmer but killing her oh so softly ...

And the second Phoebe turned her head Julia had to rearrange everything back into it's rightful pocket bed.

Caught! Heavy-handed. I hope you got that :)

Anyway, the Tuck Me in Quilt is available on Amazon right now.

An aerial shot of the mouse in action when the cat is away. Not pictured (because I'm the worst!) but  the packaging the quilt comes in easily turns into a little play bed which is the things little kids' dreams are made of. Genius! And pun not intended, I promise. I love the attention to detail and obvious dedication to fostering imagination that Sago Mini puts into all of their products and the Tuck Me in Quilt is no exception.

Sago Mini is generously giving away a $200 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky winner and all you have to do is sign up for their newsletter which is always full of exciting new updates. Easy as pie!

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Best of luck and many thanks to Sago Mini for always encouraging imaginative play in our household and for sponsoring this post!


  1. This is such a great idea fora quilt. Love it!

  2. I entered and joined the newsletter!

  3. That is the cutest thing. I might even try to make my own lame version

  4. Replies

      here! I found them at one of their outlets though :)

  5. so cool! we love our sago mini apps....A LOT, maybe too much, but don't have any of the other things yet. this is really neat.

  6. Here's my dumb question of the day - do I have to go sign up for the newsletter or does it add me when I click the enter button? I didn't see an option for "GET THEE OVER THAR TO SIGN UP FOR THIS HAR NEWS" or something like that. :-P (It's Monday - I get one dumb question on Monday, right?! Please?)

  7. I can only imagine the sound effects in these photos based on my 2 oldest girl would be yelling.....leave me alone! And my youngest would be yelling at the top of her lungs to get in on the action! This is such a cute idea.....I need 2 for sure!!!

  8. We have an app on their phone that we got through those little starbucks cards and my 2yo LOVES IT! You have opened a pandoras box now that I know they sell bedding and toys haha!

  9. What a fabulous company that I had no idea even existed!! Love everything about this quilt! The colors, the pockets, the box that becomes a bed! Pure genius!!

  10. I saw this on their IG page and thought it was too cute!



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