parents' night out

04 December 2016

this might be a new low in blog photo quality (which is already low) but it's for the best cause - to tell you all about our night last night.

Don't go.

I know you want to.

On Friday night Simon was studying and I was halfheartedly doing a workout when Queen B texted wondering if we wanted to go to The Head and the Heart concert the next night (her brother, Kenny, is in! the! band!) I don't think it would've mattered what kind of plans our Saturday night held (although they were shaping up to look a lot like Friday night's) we would've rudely cancelled on anyone or anything to GO.

And go we did (not before leaving the kids with a sitter, worry not).

We rolled up to Will Call where Blythe said our tickets would be waiting and when they couldn't find any tickets with our names on them I started panicking and mentally preparing to ask them to maybe triple check when ah HA! We didn't have tickets - we had sparkly laminated necklace, "artist guest" passes.

WE FANCY.  (we parked our 2004 Odyssey and her five car seats way out in the boondocks as we know it's always v. v. appealing to potential car thieves)

Closer, in case you doubt me + Simon is always dying to document everything via photo all the time. I appease him, usually.

Our necklaces got us great spots in, "the pit" which smelled strongly of Acqua di Gioia, feet, and copius amounts of weed. We brought the median audience age up about a decade and enjoyed some GOOD people watching (the speed and frequency at which teens can Snapchat is truly mind blowing and makes me feel like a creaky old dinosaur and it also explains why so many of them had their phones hooked up to portable chargers tucked safely in their back pockets) while trying in loud and wave-happy vain to get Kenny's attention while he did a sound check (didn't work; didn't care). 

It wasn't long before The Head and the Heart came on and they were SO GOOD. They are one of those bands that even if you've never heard any of their songs - you'd still love their shows. They were in the middle of a grueling tour schedule but were so energetic and having so much fun despite being undoubtedly exhausted (do I sound like a creepy groupie? so be it).

Kenny on keyboard ...
 I just wish this photo showed off his awesome glittery socks. I'm sorry.

Their set flew by and felt too fast and maybe it was the liquid double rum and diet courage giving us wings but we decided to try to get backstage to say hi to Kenny - whether he wanted to say hi or NOT.

We played it cool walking up to backstage security and were granted access but told to stay off the actual stage (um, duh - don't worry) and found Kenny where he humored us with a little chat and a photo ...

.. he's exhausted and I'm excited.

And that was that! We stuck around for the next and last band (The 1975) who had bras flung at them onstage and had quite the presence (the lead singer enjoyed a glass of red wine throughout their set which made me automatically like them despite never having heard of them).

We told our sitter that we would probably be back, "really late - like past 11" but we waltzed into the house at a reckless 11:04pm. Shattering minivan driving parental stereotypes since ... foreva eva.

And totally cool with it.

Big shout out to B. Fike for the hookup and Kenny for making our 2016 about 99% more exciting at the very last minute - you're both the BEST.

over and out,

(shockingly not hungover) GP


  1. Seeing a band live in those smaller venues is the best. And I hear you in the young'ins. I saw Yellowcard a few weeks ago and I had to stand on my tiptoes to see past the 15 bajillion cell phones being held in the air to record 15 seconds of each song. Because watching a band live thru your cell phone screen is totally not the same as watching them on YouTube (for free!). #putyourphonesawayyouwhippersnappers

  2. okay but that last picture of you 2!!! cute!!

  3. This is awesome!! Yay for a hot date on a Saturday night and for friends who can hook you! Woohoo!

  4. ummm...that should of said "hook you up" not "hook you" Sweet Lord...I can't type after 9pm. :(

  5. Ok that pic of you guys!! Cutest. So glad you had fun/v jels

  6. They're such a fabulous band. So glad you got the hear them live!

  7. This is just the best post! I am glad you two had fun!! Too bad all those young concert goers couldn't see the amazingness that is a minivan, it has 12+ cup holders! Snapchat THAT!

  8. Loved the post and glad you had a fun date night!

  9. So happy you guys got to see them in concert!!Love that last picture.

  10. When I was in Vegas last April for my husband's conference, The 1975 had a show in the same hotel as us. It was teeny bopper central and I had to Google them. #OLD Glad you had a wonderful time out together!



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