seven on the 17th

17 December 2016

I couldn't stray from my quick takes if I tried.


Extra efficient errand buddies. Triple the time and triple the fun, always.

2. My college friends, Dave and Amber, just had a baby (sweet Louisa Claire) who was born with spina bifida and Dave wrote a wonderful post about God's will that is well worth your time. I'm sure if you have any prayers to spare as well - they'll take them!

3. If, like me, you're feeling helpless and heartbroken over the tragic situation in Aleppo and wanting to help - here is a wonderful place to start. Other suggestions are more than welcome, of course!

4. Yesterday at the big kids' Christmas performance I thought it was sweet when Phoebe and Theo asked to take pictures of their siblings with my phone because I'm a big fat sucker, I suppose. And then I found 287 photos exactly like this one ...
... and zero photos of Sebastian the sheep or Julia in her Christmas pajamas. Sweet indeed.

5. I've diagnosed myself with addtcd (attention deficit due to christmas disorder, I also made it up) and chalked up my poor reading progress to the seriousness of my condition these days. I'll start reading and then remember that I need to address this or order that or the kids will remind me that I promised we would make cookies (I did, I did) etc. I'll get back in the Winter Stroll (enjoying) and Girls in White Dresses (not super enjoying) saddles this weekend - I hope.

6. If you live in a slightly warmer climate or just want a heavy sweater option for kids to wear in the car - I bought this on super sale for Julia and she loves it. This was not my first choice/order for her (I loved this!) but she's got some newly formed fashion opinions so ... compromise and harmony and alllll that jazz. I know Old Navy can be hit or miss but I've had great outerwear luck (knock on wood) for the kids SO FAR. 

7. These Paleo bars are SO good. I read about them on one of my favorite food IG accounts and it's really hard to believe they only have 9-11 grams of sugar per bar. I like to keep them in my bag for emergencies (aka I get hungry). Costco sells them too which makes me love them a million times more.

Okay, happy one week + one day until Christmas!


  1. My husband picked up those paleo bars from Costco and was so excited like, "THESE TASTE LIKE GIRL SCOUT COOKIES." He was so proud of himself because they're "healthy." I was VERY surprised but the sugar too! Not bad, not bad.

  2. My kids wanted to do something to help other kids/help with Aleppo so we sang carols and had cider for donations. We are matching all the donations, and dan's work (Google) is also matching, so contributions are basically quadrupled. No pressure at all, but we are leaving it open until Friday if you're interested. :)



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