the eve of christmas eve

23 December 2016

1. This was one of my favorite days as a kid - I don't know why. We still had two days to go until Christmas morning but it felt so much closer than three days to go. Logic - forever my bff+e. I know it's not just me because a few of my fellow momrades have confessed a similar, "this week is ETERNAL" sentiment so congrats to everyone for making it to the bittersweet ending.

2. One of the kids was sick most of the other night which I'm hoping and praying can be chalked up to a litttttle too much sugar by way of Christmas cookie consumption and not some stomach bug of doom to hit the rest of the troops in the coming days (so far, so good!). Anyway, because Simon and I were busy dealing with the aftermath of that we totally forgot to fulfill our tooth fairy duties which left a certain six-year-old so devastated that I momentarily assumed there'd been some familial death of which I was unaware. Anyway (again) I had to scramble quickly! quickly! to construct an impressive throne of, "she probably had the stomach bug TOO" and, "wellllll, maybe she's helping Santa during his busy season" tooth fairy alibi LIES. So many lies all in the name of a magical childhood all before 6:56am on a Wednesday morning.

Should I just rename the blog Diego + Camp Patton? If you thought I was insufferable before ... you're in for a real treat from here on out.

3. Shifting gears to one of my favorite topics that I know nothing about: makeup! I keep reading about this brand that lots of my favorite non-beauty bloggers seem to love, love, love. I placed my first order and will keep you posted (would you expect anything less? no). Update! it came as I was typing and the boy brow stuff? SO GOOD. I haven't tried anything else but in good time, in good time. 

4. If you don't follow me over on the old gramtram (which, I don't know why you wouldn't! such a gorgeous and curated feed of FUN) you might've missed that Diego hates walking on a leash (or outside the house - we're working on it) but the kids have been dying to take him on our daily walks and so ...

... compromise. He seemed to love it and didn't want to come inside when we got home and happily popped back in for another walk this morning. Last night I was finally able to take him out for a walk solo and it was slow but he did a lot better than previous attempts. Like 30 minutes to circle half our block better but progress is progress and we've got all the time in the world, D!

5. On the book front! So, I made the huge mistake of misreading that Winter Stroll was the first in the Winter Series but it's NOT (Winter Street is). It's the second. Boo. But, it's not stopping from plowing right through the third book, Winter Storms. Winter, Winter, Winter - Marcia, Marcia, Marcia (one million points if you get that reference). The character development is pretty shallow and the plot moves along a little too quickly for my taste but they've been fun books to pick up in between the Christmas chaos. My standards are forever sky high.

6. I spotted this Loft top that is aaaaalmost identical to my favorite lightweight top from Old Navy and I'm tempted to get it to have as a backup because I wear/love my version so much. Loft's 40% sales always make things extra tempting too. Knock it off, Loft.

7. I wrote about these tutu dresses back in October because well, we love them. They are fun for dress up and/or real life etc. They are on clearance right now and the pink is down to $5.99 ... just sayin'. 

And that's all she blogged. For today! I hope you're not running around like some headless poultry in the name of an enjoyable and relaxing Christmas but I think sometimes that's just how it goes. Sometimes!

Merry almost Christmas!


  1. Marcia Marcia Marica- Brady Bunch Movie woot woot!

  2. Diego is my spirit animal and Glossier is amazing! Milky jelly cleanser is awesome, Boy Brow is great but my favorite is Keep us posted on what you try!

  3. My current favorite face and skin things are from s.w. basics and w3ll people. Both organic, and both available at target. W3ll people foundation,concealer, and multi sticks are my new faces.

  4. The Brady Bunch movie! My sister actually bought me it on DVD a few years and we're planning on watching it this Christmas.

  5. Definitely have forgot to play the tooth fairy as well! Just a tip if it happens again... the money might have been stuck inside the pillow instead of under it... offer to go look and it will mysteriously appear there... they just didn't look well enough!

  6. I've been using boy brow for awhile and I love it. Really it's so good, lives up to the hype.

    Love those tutu dresses. Our three year old wore hers for family pictures and calls it 'my picture clothes' and wants to wear it daily.

  7. the picture of Diego in bed with the boys! he totally looks like a once a week g'ma sitting in the beauty shop chair.

  8. Oh the tooth fairy fails here a LOT so we always say the dog scared her off! Diego is the perfect reason she didn't come by, now you have a forever excuse!

  9. I am dying over Diego in the stroller!!! <3 It is totally normal for dogs to hate leashes at 1st. They need to be trained on it just like anything else. Stick w/ it (& maybe Google some tips?); he'll eventually love it. In the meantime, keep the photos coming - he's giving the adorable Patton kids a run for their money in the cuteness dept. :)

  10. On the book front...Have you tried The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows? I don't know that it's much like what you normally read, but it is so sweet and charming. I'm nearing the end now and just felt like I needed to tell someone, who is not my mother, how good it is. So, you win!



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