boxing day

26 December 2016

December 26th aka Boxing Day aka the second day of Christmas aka the day I try to remain very zen about how trashed our house is aka the day when lots of sneaky sales start hopping and popping. What would you do without me? Probably live a very full and enjoyable life, that's what.

I kept dreaming one of the kids was crying last night (maybe they were) and kept getting up to no crying so finally I gave into the old internet perusal and found a few gems in the event you've got some Christmas cash to burn ...

Express: everything is 50% off which normally I'd probably pass on but I'm a big devotee of these camisoles and wear one almost daily. Also, if I needed sweaters I'd be all over this lightweight coverup.

Nordstrom: Since things rarely go on sale here I pay attention when they do and a lot of inventory is 33% off (odd number? I thought so). One of the only reasons (aside from being closer to family, of course!) I'd be excited about moving north, if we ever do, would be snow boots. Shallow is actually my middle name, thanks for asking. It also looks like a ton of beauty and perfume cult favorites are 50% off. If only I could smell some samples through the screen. Come on, 2016.

Anthropologie: 40% off sale items. There are some serious steals - hopefully you can find your size because their stuff always goes so fast!

Target: 30% off all area rugs today and tomorrow. They've really stepped up their rug game these days, much to Simon's chagrin. I love the simplicity of this one, especially.

Loft: everything is 50% off. This isn't totally unheard of but they do tend to favor the 40% off site wide sales so it's fun to look around while you're ahead that extra 10%. I've said it once and I'll say it again but (in my exciting opinion) they have the best variety of peplum on the block.

J.Crew: 50% off clearance. Yeehaw.

Amazon: has a ton of year end deals which comes in handy because both Simon and Theo have birthdays just around the river bend and I always swear they aren't going to get the, "your birthday is so close to Christmas so these presents can count for both" end of the stick and I'm not always awesome about it. Amazon is going to help a mother out, again. It pains me that Simon doesn't drink coffee because there are so, so many great Nespresso deals.

Any other sales catch your eye? Let a lady know. I'll gladly ignore the play-doh ground into the carpet under the table and at least three beds to go and check them out.

Merry Christmas to you, day two!


  1. Holy crap, my house is totally trashed too! Not just new toys that need new homes, but actual dirt ground into area rugs. It's hella nasty but I'm hella tired. (FYI - that Pocahontas song is totally in my head now...)

  2. My house is a disaster with all of the toys combined with an unplanned (thanks to a tile leak) bathroom renovation. Everything is dusty and gross.

  3. Yay! Thank you for the link to the target rug sale. I've been hunting HomeGoods for the perfect accent rug for my new kitchen (Almeter constructed! So so beautiful). I just found a great rug for $26 with shipping! What?? Crazy. Thank you!!

  4. Yay! Thank you for the link to the target rug sale! I have been hunting HomeGoods for the perfect rug for my new kitchen with no luck (Kitchen was Paul Almeter constructed btw! So so beautiful!) Just found the perfect rug for $26 with shipping. What?? Crazy! Thank you!!



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