Christmas 2016

29 December 2016

because I know your year wouldn't be complete without a little Patton Christmas recap. I just know it.

Simon busts out the bible and Phoebe phantoms right on out of there. We let Bosco sleep in - nicest parents ever? Always.

Our Christmas was super low key (as if we've ever had some fancy pants Christmas) and briefly I was a little bit tempted to wallow since we aren't near family but! I snapped out of it quickly because we've got each other, Simon was home, we are healthy and the list goes on and on and on and ON. It was low key but fun and the kids are all such great ages for Christmas that it's almost more fun for me and Simon to observe than for the kids to partake. You know? I know you do.

When sleepyhead finally woke up he was SO thrilled with his truck that I think I might have to deem it the hit present of the year. I like to set it back up during his naps and at night and he acts like it's Christmas morning all over again every time.

Phoebe and her huge stroller and her new doll and new clogs. And our enviable tree.

My mom sent this tunnel which every single kid + Simon loved. I remember we had one growing up and loved it too. Those timeless tunnels.

Theo saw Simon slaving over some Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls and went to grab a cookie sheet from the kids' kitchen and went to work as resident waiter ...

Simon also made a breakfast casserole which I later saw he had googled, "breakfast casserole with french fries" and landed on a recipe on a site by the name of Dad with a Pan (or something along those lines).

Sebastian is in the lego loving phase of life which is all well and good until he leaves the trachea sized pieces around for Bosco to swallow ... 

... we're working on it. But, can't hide that pride. Or the remnants of Dad's casserole.

Of all the kids gifts I felt the best about Phoebe's (doll + stroller) but got her and Julia Frozen notebooks and pens last minute because I don't know. Well, guess which gift she loves more than all the other gifts?

And Diego gifted me with a walk where he didn't stop and refuse to move very often which was a huge improvement from his first few days with us. He's since graduated to almost expert leash walker which I naturally attribute to my extensive Google searches about how to leash train a dog. He should be talking in sentences by February.

And I'll leave you with that! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day and weren't smacked in the face a la work related reality first thing Monday morning.


  1. let me know if you figure out that lego nonsense. my five-year old leaves a trail of legos for his 18-month old brother to choke on wherever he goes.

  2. Christmas looks amazing mam. I so enjoyed the season and getting to be with family but your post makes me extra excited that next year my husband and I will have our sweet baby girl to celebrate with. Well as much as 10 month old can celebrate at Christmas time.

  3. My friend'd husband shop vacuums up the Lego's and then dumps them back in the bin.

  4. We have a dedicated room for legos in the basement toy room not accessible to littles. They are not allowed to be played with anywhere else. The only time they come out of that room is for a quick, "Mom, look what I built", then they have to immediately return to the room. It is the only thing we have found to work to keep younger siblings from choking, not to mention me from painfully stepping on legos!

  5. Love this recap! Congrats on the dog walking progress!



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