Uncle(s) Awesome

17 October 2016

I was tempted to title this: the funcles but, I didn't. I still told you though so - it sort of counts.

Phoebe is still going through, "an-chew" (Andrew) withdrawal.

I mentioned that my brothers came in town for the weekend last week and now I'm going to expound by way of a post and you were warned! You were warned.

Since Simon and I are both the oldest in our families and got married first and had kids first - sometimes we get kind of antsy for the kids to have cousins (although! they do have one that we are finally getting to meet at Thanksgiving - we cannot wait! She's so SO cute and getting off track - back to now) but we are the lucky recipients of lots of visits from their aunts and uncles - which is so much fun for everyone.

Bosco REALLY wanted to go into the bounce house (Phoebe would've gladly given him her spot - bounce houses are her hell) at the Oktoberfest we hit up over the weekend but he was too little so Uncle Dan let him bounce on the outside like the renegade Macgyver that he is ...


And here we have Uncle Andrew baby wearing, beer drinking, and bounce house supervising. He's a triple threat, eligible ladies of the world.

Andrew also managed to snag a ton of great photos of the kids - I love that he managed to snap a photo of Theo getting the football in the net the one time that he got the football in the net (ten tries in ... )

Before Bosco realized that he can easily climb up on the couch but getting down is a whole different ballgame ...

I think I might have to frame this one ...

She called him, "Paul Paul" (a different one of my brothers) the entire time but details, details.

It always catches me off guard when people ask if Phoebe and Theo are twins but this photo makes it seem a lot more plausible ...

she'll be towering over him in no time. Maybe.

And another keeper of Theo ...
... but my favorite part is that Phoebe is probably casually cutting up my driver's license or taking a sharpie to Julia's homework ... probably slash definitely. Also: Theo's nails.

You know you can't visit the Pattons without us dragging you out the beach ...

Andrew got to carry Bosco while Daniel got roped into pulling the wagon that most definitely tipped over once he hit the sand. Sorry, D. 

The best way to stop Bosco from eating sand?

Let him have is paci at at the beach. He keeps an iron grip on that sucker (punny) so don't start asking me what happens if it falls in the sand because - he makes sure it doesn't.

And for the grand finale ... a photo of everyone smiling wide.

thanks Patton boys.

The older two were also treated to a trip to the aquarium while the younger three napped and I'm not quite sure the house has ever been so gloriously quiet.

Come back soon, Andrew and PaulPaul Daniel. Everyone misses you already!


  1. Aunts and Uncles are so much fun. I love being the fun aunt (they like me better than my own kids do!)

  2. aww how fun is it for you and your babes to have your siblings with you for a while!! i love quality fam time. and i am also fascinated that you and simon are both firstborns!!!?! no wonder you guys are so productive! haha!

  3. Too cute. I'm also the oldest and my husband's brother doesn't have kids so my kiddo is doted on incessantly. It'll be so cool when my sisters have kids, but she's getting plenty of attention as is. :)

  4. My kids can't keep my brothers straight, either, so they have all been dubbed Uncle That Guy.

  5. ahh the beach! looks kind of perfect! uncles are so fun, my baby girl has 5- my husband and I are both firstborns too!

  6. Your bathing suit is so cute! Where did you snag it??



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