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03 October 2016

I wish I could tell you that I told her to pose like that but that was ALL her.

dresses c/o LuLaRoe Consultant: Rebecca Hammond
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photos by Laura!

I pulled a seriously rookie mom move and handed Phoebe a tube of my only non drugstore lipstick to keep her happy toward the end of these photos and the day was hot and and AND you can imagine how that ended. I could've sworn I had wipes in my bag or at least in the car but - nope. At least she was happy and I know I'll always love having these pictures with my little ladies so we'll call it a win anyway. 

I feel like I could do little monthly blog blips about all the kids ever evolving quirks and personalities and things would still change rather drastically because that's what kids do. They grow up and surprise us daily with their mischief and musings (Julia was on a serious death kick in the spring - so many questions) and I want to say merriment for the sake of alliteration but yikes that sounds trite - so I won't. 

But - blips!

Phoebe - calls herself Fifi and if she hears Bosco crying anywhere in the house she comes rushing to his side and says, "Fifi hold you?" and he generally just keeps crying but it's the thought that counts, P. She's skilled and sneaky about climbing out of her crib. Sometimes she'll just come strolling out of her and Julia's room late at night and say, "hey, what're you doing?" to me and Simon and other times she'll get out - change her clothes, rifle through Julia's most treasured belongings, line up all of their shoes, tear up a book or three ETC. It's a fun little phase. And we all hope it ends soon. She's perpetually packing up bags to go on trips and acts very put out when we tell her not to leave the porch. She changes her outfit up to 10 times throughout the day and is obsessed with making sure she matches someone in the house - doesn't matter who - just any willing faux twin du jour. She tells any willing listener that she's, "two" and holds up five fingers to demonstrate. 

Julia - calls herself Julia and reminds me of a little someone I know by the name of G to the race Junior. She sleeps on top of her covers so she doesn't have to make her bed in the morning (I did that for years - lazy or genius? you tell me), wants to rehash every conversation she overhears adults having, and REALLY wants her hair to grow long. She heard trimming it makes it grow longer (truth, I think) so she always asking for a trim and has been known to take rather long ganders at her mane in the mirror when she thinks no one else is looking. She was awarded Student of the Month at school last month for her perseverance (I believe she persevered in asking when she was going to be Student of the Month, to be honest) but we went and watched her get her little award and it was one of the more rewarding moments of my tenure as parent. She wears her watch and bracelet - both presents from Nana - up above her elbow. She says it's just easier that way and who am I to judge? 

Anyway, that's them. 
For today. 
Things will change tomorrow. 
And the day after that. 
And so on. 
And so forth :)


  1. Such little lovies! And tell C that he and P can shred books together forever. What is with that?!?!

  2. I love these pictures! Total frame worthy shots of you three beauties. And Fifi just cracks me up! Congrats to Julia on her student of the month, that is so exciting!!

  3. My mom decided she wanted to be called "Fifi" for her grandmother name right before my oldest was born. It's a great name! And the lighting in these photos is beautiful.

  4. Caleb ripped a library book two days ago and then told me during car line yesterday he didn't want it anymore because it was ripped. Indeed.

  5. I think I might start wearing my bracelet and watch above my elbow! Julia's so cool!

  6. Precious!! Man, your daughter can pose for a picture much better than I can. You all look so adorable together <3

  7. Your hair looks amazing, Grace!

  8. This was so great! I love when you relate their little quirks and personalities. Julia is a born model, I think. Their little matching dresses are so cute! And your dress, Grace, I love it!!

  9. Those pictures are so cute! And Your girls are just so full of personality! I love it

  10. These photos are so beautiful of y'all! Frame them all! :) I have one skirt from lulularoe and have to say it's good quality and comfy! Also, all the heart eyes for y'alls shoes! lol I don't often comment on your posts but I guess when I do I have to tell you how much I heart your shoe closet! <3 :)

  11. Half want to say how sweet these pictures are, half want to roll my eyes at myself because I'm 25 trying to figure out how to emulate the style of a six year old. :D

  12. So precious! I always love reading little blips about them, they always make me laugh. You three look gorgeous!

  13. It's getting colder here and after a week of Joseph coming to our room because he was cold (from lying on top of his blankets instead of under), I finally convinced him to get under the covers. AND by convinced I mean my mean mom act got more convincing the 6th or 7th morning he snuck into our bed at 4am



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