freakin' weekend

14 October 2016

1. that title is a bit misleading because while I'll play the TGIF game - I have to semi-shamefully admit that I prefer the weekmiddle at this point in time. The little kids and I are in a decent groove while the older kids are at school and you know how I love a solid routine (do you? I don't know) and Simon's schedule is a total dream but talk to me again in December and I might be singing a different tune. 

2. Bosco is officially our longest non-walker and pretty proud of it. I think he could walk if he wanted to but it's just so much faster and more efficient to crawl and he knows that his mom is a total sucker and will carry him everywhere he needs to go - as will Julia and Sebastian and (unfortunately) Phoebe.

3. How did I make it through two takes without talking about Whole30? Serious restraint and determination - that's how! I'm only on day 5 but so far - it's been my best Whole30 yet? Dare I say that and jinx it all to total hell? I dare. I will say I'm going to miss drinking at an Oktoberfest this weekend but I'll survive. You know I have a little post brewing about changes I've made this time around but one of my best moves was to buy a couple of compliant condiments. I KNOW I can make them but - I didn't and I have no regrets.

4. (stretching it into two? you better believe it) I know someone kindly mentioned the Well Fed blog and I am eternally grateful because it has been so helpful. Never did I ever think I'd be such a huge, huge fan of salmon cakes but here we are. Salmon cheerleader status: varsity. I have all three of her books at the tippy top of my wish list.

5. Thank you for all of your emails with blog questions! I had hoped to have the post up this week but I was busy making salmon cakes so, but it's in the works - I pinky e-promise.

6. On the sale front this week, I'm sure you've seen that the ShopBop Sale (use code: MAINEVENT16) is going strong at the moment (use code: MAINEVENT16). I've got my eye on some destroyed denim and some short rain boots (rain booties? bootlets?).

7. Two of my brothers are in town and the kids are loving life and you better believe I'm going to con Andrew into taking a big fat bevy of photos. Gird your pupils for Monday.

oh! no book update this week but has anyone lightning read Jodi Picoult's new one? I'm so curious to hear what people think!

Okay - have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. I'm with you. Life is too short to make your own vinegar.

  2. Glad it's going well this time! I'm 103 on the list for Jodi Picoult. :(

  3. I am a few chapters in the book, got it on Wednesday and I am hooked!

    Not sure if you read All The Light We Cannot See already but totally recommend it too.

  4. Oh how I love whole30. It really is all about the dressings and the dips! You have to try raspberry vinegar, and coconut aminos!! Life savers. I usually make a thing of spiced mayo at the beginning of the week to smother on everything. LOL

  5. I think each Whole30 is easier than the previous! And I love Well Fed. I have her first two cookbooks and am definitely getting Well Fed Weeknights. And I's all about the condiments! ��

  6. Those rain booties! I feel like I'm not brave enough to do them in green--such a neutrals girl--so I might get them in black. But I kind of love the green- how will you wear them? Like a neutral? And that book looks great! Ordering it now!

  7. A word of caution on the rain booties--I have a similar pair of Hunter's and they give me blisters on my ankles unless I wear really thick socks. I don't know if it is because I have bony ankles or what, but thought I would pass along my experience. On the bright side, they look really cute and are easier to get on than their taller counterparts :)

  8. Oh! I don't know if you ever read the Fug Girls website, but they are giving away the newest Well Fed cookbook this week! You have until Tuesday to enter: They are the ones who wrote The Royal We.

  9. Don't you feel like Jodi picoults books started getting redundant and running together like, a few books ago? I used to love her and then I realized I was reading variations of moral dilemmas, lawyers and New England over and over and over. Has she switched it up?

  10. I've read the Jodi Piccoult. It was good. It wasn't my favorite of hers but it was very interesting. I'd recommend it.

  11. I love Well Fed! Have you tried the Moroccan chicken recipe yet?? It's a huge favorite around here and on frequent repeat. It's great sliced up and thrown over some greens with the leftover dipping sauce as a dressing.

  12. I am on day 22 of my third W30 and it's definitely my best one yet. I bought the Tessamae'a W30 pack of dressings/sauces online and it has made my life so much easier! The buffalo sauce is amazing! (Buffalo chicken spaghetti squash!) and the BBQ sauce is great too!



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