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15 October 2016

photo by Andrew! Bosco is safe and happy, I swear it.


Back in college I didn't want to admit it but I had a bit of an argyle-sweater-over-collared-shirt problem -- as in -- it was almost all I ever wore for a semi-extended period of time (with pants). Until someone (hi Katie!) called me out on it and I had to laugh because it was true. And then I believe I moved onto long sleeve polo shirts (a true departure from my previous uniform) and then I think I loosened up a bit and waded into graphic tee territory and you get my point - I know what I like and I like what I know. Or - I'm a boring dresser and I'm totally fine with it.

As mentioned a million time before, I'm going through a bit of a peplum phase but only because they just keep getting better. I'm not talking about the original fitted peplum with super pronounced hem but the looser and more fun recent styles that have popped up. Basically it gives me a way to dress up my usual jeans + tee go-to.

Okay, here's what I rounded up but there's tons more out there, I assure you. I didn't even touch on Anthropologie's inventory - which is always a pricey (but! occasionally on sale) delight.

    1. long sleeve - I'm a fan of this brand and while I sometimes worry the empire-esque waistline will look like it came straight off the maternity rack - I have one and it doesn't. Or I'm in denial.

2. basic tee - probably my favorite of the bunch because it's a great length and I like the slightly cuffed sleeves that can still be worn under my beloved cardigans without looking and feeling bunchy.

3. embroidered tank (40% off right now) - my love for embroidered tops and dresses lives on so this is a match made in Grace heaven.

4. black floral - again with the higher waistline but I love the darker floral pattern and the short sleeves for the warm weather dwellers.

5. drop waist tunic - I know it looks like a mullet but it's not as extreme as the hardcore hi-low dresses that were out and about a couple of years ago.

6. basic tank - this is on sale for $12 at the moment and while tanks generally scream, "summer" it works well with cardigans or under fitted sweaters/sweatshirts etc.

7. long sleeve (comes in three other colors) - I get really excited when I see that Old Navy has anything peplum but they always sell out lightning fast. Boo.

8. short sleeve lace - I have this and love how much it can dress up an outfit. It holds its shape and looks a lot more expensive than it is. And while it's not technically peplum - this baby doll dress is totally in the family. Totally.

9. lace tee peplum - Many of my favorite IGers have this and I won't say I covet it but -- I do admire it from afar. While doing said admiring I noticed that Shopbop has a fun selection of peplum - both tops and dresses.

And I couldn't leave out the kiddos ...
The "petite" is probably misleading since that is an actual size of women's clothing. SORRY. I'm sure some petite ladies could fit into these? Maybe? I don't know. Stop typing, Grace.

1. sweater with elbow patches of the heart variety - fun, fun, fun. I'm hoping this goes on sale for the girls for Christmas.

2. 3/4 lace - look how happy she looks in her lace? Why would I not want that for my kids?

3. bomber jacket - fun little outerwear twist that won't break the bank.

4. swing dress - Phoebe is really into dresses and the color, "poople" right now and I keeeeep seeing this dress. Fate? Perhaps.

5. black floral tunic - this sucker looks like it could hide a myriad of stains. Things to always consider when purchasing children's clothing.

6. white floral - this one less so but -- still cute.

7. lace blouse - my favorite of the bunch.

8. stripes - second favorite.

9. eyelet pullover - I have something super similar and I have no shame when it comes to matching my kids.

Alright, I thought I could just, "knock this post out REAL quick" but is that ever ever the case? No. And why I have a collection of 89173891237182937 post drafts sizzling in limbo. One day, one day.

I hope you have a great night! Or morning/afternoon/timeframe that you happen to peep this.



  1. Soo, I've thought about this some because I read your blog religiously and you dress super cute, but I am scared of the peplum because I carry my weight in my belly, and I'm afraid they might make me look preg. Am I being paranoid? Probably the answer is to try them on and see, which I never have, so... Just curious if you have thoughts on this conundrum. :)

    1. shoot - I'm not an expert! I do feel like the majority I linked to are pretty loose and "swingy" but yes - I would just experiment with different hem lengths? Not very helpful - I'm so sorry!!

    2. Thanks for the reply! It was kind of a non-question... thinking out loud sort of thing. They look great on you! Will give it a go!

  2. Have you checked out the website Piper and Scoot? They have some really cute peplum styles (and allllll their other clothes are super cute!) Plus free shipping!!

    1. yes! everything I like is always out of stock in my size - such a bummer because they have such cute stuff!

  3. You just Kaden my week by posting this peplum is my FAVORITE.

  4. I love the little girls one from Gap - I have a maternity shirt in my bag there right now, and it would put me into free shipping territory. And it's 40% off now with Gap Cash as an added bonus. I might have just talked myself into it!

    PS - If you ever find yourself needing a new long sleeved maternity shirt, I bought 2 of these a few weeks ago and refuse to wear anything else right now - they look fashionable but are so soft you feel like you are wearing pajamas!

  5. I typically do not like the peplum look but that embroidered tank and basic tank are adorable. I think the look I wasn't a fan of was the super tight, then almost skirt like combination from the beginning.



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