a day at LEGOLAND

11 October 2016

Sometimes I stop myself and say, "maybe the fine folks that so kindly take the time to occasionally read your blog don't want to hear about every single one of your family's recreational outings, Grace"  ... I do. And then I laugh politely at my sensible alter ego and sift through my quality photo documentation of said activity by way of dozens of phone photos and just can't stop myself. I have to share. Sometimes.

And this is one of those times.

Several months ago, a very kind blog reader sent us some tickets for Legoland that she had gotten from her work and wasn't using and seriously - isn't she the nicest? She is. You're the best, Jess!

We decided to save them for the fall when the park crowds might be less nuts and the heat might have let up but had to be cognizant of their expiration date at the end of October. And yesterday was the day! The kids had a day off school and Simon's schedule was clear and my social calendar was shockingly bare (lol joke joke joke) and so - off we went! We threw caution to the wind and decided to say eff the nap situation which is the FIRST time we've voluntarily done such a thing um, ever. This was big.

I thought Bosco might nap in the carrier but he was so happy the whole time and crashed as soon as we got in the car to drive home and then came home and went to bed so -- our risky business paid off but we won't tempt fate like that again for a long time.

Anyway! The day!

The weather was perfect (no rain! humidity at an all time low!), the crowds were thin, and the lines were almost non-existent so I'd say we planned well for once.

I didn't think Phoebe would like any of the rides (she routinely tells me that she's, "shy" which always feels like such a bold-faced lie) but she shocked us all by loving everything she tried and was disappointed when there was a height or age restriction.

Okay, photos.

There really weren't any truly wild and crazy "scary" rides but Julia wanted to ride ALL of the non-kiddy rides and Simon humored her ...

Maybe it was my imagination but it felt like the rides were pretty short + combined with the 0 minute wait times - we were able to cover a lot of the park (without even seeing the waterpark -- which we didn't want to deal with although the photos looked awesome)

The boys wanted nothing to do with Julia's thrill seeking ways which worked out well because the majority of the attractions looked a little something like this ...

... after they went on a boat ride and got soaked. I insisted I stay back and watch Bosco. Darn.

Theo really wanted to do this ride but it was for 4+ and Julia shattered that dream REAL fast by telling the ride operator everyone's age ...

Our kids aren't really into Legos -- we do have some Duplos but they still thought all of the attention to detail was neat (or at least their parents did - Simon said child Simon who did love Legos would've been freaking out) ...

Lego alligators in the wild ...

Having a drink with some friars ...

We went to one show, at Simon's insistence and I was kind of indifferent because I knew Bosco wouldn't sit still but it turned out to be really impressive and entertaining.

Well, for most of us ...

Phoebe was very taken with the family bathroom driers and asked to go back almost the entire time.

There were tons of little play areas and this one huge playground ...

You got this, T.

The little city replicas made out of Legos were SO cool. I was trying to assemble the kids for a quick photo when I heard someone say, "um, miss? your daughter is headed for the Golden Gate Bridge" ... and I whipped my head around to see sure enough! Phoebe had hopped the fence and was off like a shot to check it out in the flesh.

It was fine and we did get this gem of a snap afterward ...

so much to love but Bosco's finger placement was appreciated.

Bosco love love LOVED these types of areas that were all over the park ...

his favorite pastime in all of the world is scaling slides and Legoland did not disappoint. After he climbs them he always turns around and flies down head first which sometimes works out well ...

and sometimes doesn't.

Since Phoebe had to miss a few rides that she was too young for I took her on this wild and crazy boat ride ...

She kept shrieking that she was, "driving!!!" but touched the steering wheel once for about .02 seconds.

One last gratuitous train photo ...


You might recall a year ago that Sebastian wouldn't even dare to touch the merry-go-round so you can imagine my shock and awe when he INSISTED that he wanted to do the tall and fast coaster.

Soooo we let him ...

... and he survived. Barely.

I know they are my kin but I cannot stop laughing at that photo. I can't do it.

Overall, we're gonna call the day a big fat win. We debated bringing the double stroller in but even when just one kid was riding - it was helpful to hold water bottles and bags etc. I kept thinking B would drift off but --- nope. I've said it before and I'll probably type it again but taking all the kids out for an extended period of time can sometimes feel a little tricky (I mean - it's not rocket science -- I KNOW) and we did deal with a giant meltdown leaving the park but when it goes well, it's great. The kids were so happy and excited the majority of the time and Simon even mentioned the possibility of tackling Disney (I don't know why - it just gives me hives to think about - I know! Calm down, Worrywart Patton) driving home because it was such a successful day.

Longest blog post about Legoland ever? I believe so. But, someone's gotta do it.

I might come back and add in some quick tips to save time and money but I'm not sure Legoland is a wildly popular destination and if they'd be helpful. We'll see!

Okay, happy Tuesday!


  1. I can't stop laughing looking at the roller coaster picture. What a keepsake!

  2. Oh my goodness, that last picture is a keeper. Those faces crack me up!

  3. The last pic is one of my fave ever! LOL! Wow, I haven't heard much about LEGOLAND, but it sounds really cool. You guys def have to go to Disney. I loved it every bit as much as my daughter (ok, more...). ;)

  4. You know... it's easy to forget that you have five children and then you see a photo and it's like... there are five mini humans with that one woman! I'm not sure I'd ever manage getting out the door. I have my 17 month old granddaughter one day a week and there are FOUR adults in this house and we are all toast by the time she leaves and she's really well behaved! This is why God gives us a biological clock, I guess.

  5. The last picture is amazing. They're not even my kin and I can't stop laughing. :)

  6. I totally appreciate the Lego Land post. A MUCH welcomed reprieve from some bloggers who are currently shoving politics down our throats. I'll take cute kids on rides any day! :)

  7. Looks like so much fun! I need to get myself to Lego Land asap!

    Anika |

  8. Oh my...that roller coaster picture is priceless!!! I think you should frame and hang that one, and never ever take it down.


  9. Love it!! Looks like such a fun time!

  10. I can hardly breathe that roller coaster pic is so funny.

  11. Pierce and Ace want to go SO bad!! I kept thinking maybe the girls wouldn't like it, but after this, I think they would! Chris wants to try and go when he has more time off....but that is around the holidays soooo....I don't know. But it is definitely on our list!

  12. We're dying over all the pictures of Simon on the rides. He might have enjoyed them more than your kids.

  13. Tip #1 Limit truthfulness when it comes to age. 😬😜Our 3-year-old daughter was definitely 4 years old for the sake of the horsey ride. It was her very favorite one. Tip #2 bring lots of your own snacks/food (because they let you. Even though the signs say they don't)

    Way to go for taking your crew. Cause that takes serious bravery and patience!! We seriously loved Legoland (all of us, parents included.)

  14. My kids love Legoland in Germany, going to have to take them to the one on Florida when we move back to the states. Disney is our happy place! We love Disney world and can not wait to go back. Just started planning a surprise trip to Disneyland Paris. It's been to long and the kid miss the mouse. Your kids would love Disney! If you plan it's a very happy place, but you have to plan.

  15. WOW! what fun. Thank you for taking us along fro the ride ;p

  16. That roller coaster picture just made my day. So darn funny!! And I just love how Julia wears her watch and bracelet - fashionista.

  17. I love hearing about your everyday adventures, and how you manage outings! I've often thought about tips you have offered when taking out my own little crew.

  18. Oh Grace- I work in a large shared office space and when I saw that photo I COULD NOT CONTAIN MYSELF. Cue hoards of people gathering around my desk to see what the fuss was about. The Pattons never disappoint!

  19. Your hair looks so pretty braided like that. Love the last pic! Frame it for sure!

  20. Grace, you take the absolute best photos. I feel like I was there..... I Wish!

  21. Yay!! So glad you all had fun!! If you ever decide to brave Disney, I'm your girl for tips!

    Also? I DIE at the roller coaster picture!!



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