7 Quick Takes

26 April 2013

Joining Jen who is back home with el bebe and the rest of her brood. Thank goodness.

1. I just put the kids down for their naps BUT first I had to do the traditional purple fuzzy blankie hunt for Sebastian. Julia's aren't allowed out of her crib because ... I'm mean and hating looking for blankies. I looked and I looked and I looked ... normally Sebastian can find it but today he just gave me the blank stare and was happy to stay perched delicately on my hip while I climbed up and down all the stairs looking and looking and looking and looking. And then my prayers and curses paid off and I FINALLY I found it!

In the toilet in the locked bathroom.  Little Houdini.

2. On another Sebastian note ... he can be ANYWHERE in the house ... ANYWHERE at all (you understand that I said anywhere, right?) but as soon as he hears me changing a diaper (the side tab noises? I don't know) he comes bounding over to throw the diaper away. Nothing brings him greater pleasure than to dispose of a diaper. I don't worry about him at all.

3. Julia has recently gotten into princesses lately? We've never seen a Disney movie (I'm not opposed ... we really need to broaden our stupid Dora horizons) and she doesn't specify the princess but one time she asked me if I looked like a princess and I couldn't burst her bubble so I lied and said, "yes, I do." Anyway, I ordered a shirt from this cool shop and Jude's wife Alisha (pregnant with a boy named Simon!) threw in this adorable crown that she made. I won't stop pestering her until she starts selling them online because I've hung my crafting hat up until Theo is a little older and they would make the best gifts.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.

Whenever Bash puts it on Julia calls him a king which is very ironic considering the nature of their usually somewhat caustic relationship. I tried to get a pic but ... you know ...

(that is the shirt though ... and it's awesome ... feels like it's been washed a million times already so it's soft and perfect and if I'm not careful I might just pen an ode to my patriotic shirt)

Again ...

you get the point. He looks like a king.

4. Okay so I'm going against my better judgement and sharing this story. Simon and I joined another couple and went to a Josh Ritter show last weekend. It was kind of crowded and we were standing toward the back and I was holding a mostly full drink when whuh-ham - the girl next to me with the giant purse with spikes (why are those in? I know I'm 80 but I don't get the spikes) knocked my drink out of my hand with said spiked luggage. The drink fell and spilled and I'm not exaggerating when I say that a FEW drops splashed onto her pants. Okay ... keep in mind we were thisclosetogether ... actually let me get the pic off my phone ...

(and that is Josh on stage who was great and smiled the whole time while singing -- man's got talent)

so she turned to the two guys she was with and went on and on and on and ON about what a b I was for spilling my drink all over her pants and not apologizing. She went on for an entire song. It took a lot of will power not to tap tap tap on her shoulder and say something ridiculous. I reminded myself that I had three children at home and a cat fight probably wasn't the classiest way to lose an eye. Anyway, Simon brought it up as we were cruising home in the minivan and Simon isn't a drama queen like I am so .... are you nodding off? And on the VERY off chance that Spikes is reading ... I forgive you.

(before we left ... Simon's holding me back)

5. Happy Happy Birthday to Kayla!!

6. Simon is on call this weekend but he gets a few hours off this evening to attend the annual awards dinner for the OB-GYN department (I think it's an awards dinner?). I'm wondering how many people would notice if I wore the exact same thing I wore last year? Probably no one. (please note that the weather warranted NO COAT last year - not the case today)

7. And because Simon is on this weekend I wasn't in the rosiest mood this morning because I hate (to put it mildly) call weekends but Bridget sent me this little day brightener and because I'm not shallow at all ... I was so happy she did.

(ps if there is anything NOTSCARY on Hulu notplus or Netflix that you loved ... I'm all wide awake eyes)


  1. Ok, it's totally going to put me in a box, but Sean and I have enjoyed Duck Dynasty, to the point we were really mad when it became less than avaiable on the hulu (free) channels. Maybe it's on netflix?

    Also I could have sworn that last weekend I was able to watch some Ree Drummand Pioneer Woman on food network, but looked and looked and couldn't find anything. I don't attempt the recipies, they just make me hungry.

    Best of luck this weekend, I'm spending the whole weekend potty training (i hope!). If it doesn't work, I'll just wait till you master a technique.

  2. A. I LOVE your new shirt. Contemplating that one (or maybe the ampersand?) for myself.

    B. Woohoo! Birthday shoutout from El Campo? I have arrived. Thanks :)

    C. Recently watched and enjoyed on Netflix: Safety Not Guaranteed, The Giant Mechanical Man, Like Crazy, I Do: How to Get Married and Stay Single (French film...not sure if that's what it's actually called? Search on Charlotte Gainsbourg). I don't do scary, so rest assured these are soft and fluffy and devoid of fear-inducing content.

    D. I would have smacked her and told her to go buy me a new drink.

  3. Are crime/cop shows scary? If no then I suggest: Life, Chicago Code, and Sherlock. If they are scary then I suggest Friday Night Lights, Nashville, and New Girl.

    And yay for Jude and Alisha! Love them, love their art/crafts!

  4. See, I would have entirely lost my temper over the untimely and horrifying demise of my drink.

    But then I hate clubbing type activities, and would gnaw off a leg to get out of such an environment. So drink spilling individuals everywhere are spared actual contact with my wrath.

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  6. THREE SEASONS OF AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL. Spencer's been working some cray-cray hours as well, and that has kept me company until the wee hours of the morning

  7. I'm a wimp in those kinds of situations. I would silently fume. Jason and his brothers live for those awkward situations when people break the rules of society and like to politely yet bitingly put those people in their place. It mortifies me. Haha.

    I almost recommended Pretty Little Liars as an option BUT I have been scared by that show on occasion. Watch it, just don't watch it in the dark.

  8. GrACE! Seriously, what do you do to make your hairs so lovely all the times?!??

    1. oh, you're way too nice. I just curl it with a wand! Well ... and use a zillion products. Maybe I'll do a post -- even though there are so many amazing hair tutorials already on the web!!

    2. Just don't be that girl who fries her hair off with the curling iron.....!

  9. I am sorry about #4 Grace, really, ugh!! I seriously don´t know how I would have reacted, probably just stand there quietly because I know there are so many crazy people out there you don´t know what they´re going to do to you for the stupidest reason.

  10. That crown is so cute! And On Netflix Sleepwalk w/ Me was kinda funny, and The Glades is a good (non-scary) murder investigating w/ a side of cheesy romance show.

  11. Come on, you who are so clever with words... I wish Simon had unleashed you on Spiky Purse. Oh well, probably for the best.

    Also, I now feel compelled to pass all my Disney VHS treasures down to Jules.... Already so old with no Disney exposure? We must remedy this.

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  14. You are a better person than me. I am known to react strongly to things like people's spiky purses knocking over my drink. To the point that Ben asks me not to react if he thinks something ticks me off. I have some sort of weird non-fear of people. Even if they are large men. Idk what's wrong with me.

    The first season of Once Upon a Time is on Netflix. And it's AWESOME. I also love the shows Revenge & Nashville, both on hulu. Movies...I watched "Timer" on Netflix a while ago and it was really good. Not sure if it's still there...worth checking though.

    1. You did handle it well, Grace. My mother (!!!) has a spiked purse - the kind with the flat spikes, at least - but I don't think it was her that spilled your drink. At least that's what I'm sticking to, because that would be really embarrassing for me.

      Also, to reaffirm what Emily said - I love Revenge. I watched the first season in two days. And Nashville is my guilty pleasure too. It's actually gotten me to like a few country songs, which is very humbling to me.

      The Brayn of Chalayn

  15. I'm sure you already watch, but my two favorite shows are Modern Family and Parks & Recreation. So funny!

  16. Thanks for the shout-out! I'm glad you like the stuff! (Make sure you wear that shirt with the red clogs from Thursday... Can't get more patriotic than that.)

  17. Bunheads. Hysterical. Not even remotely scary.

  18. Just started watching hart of Dixie on Netflix during my marathon nursing sessions. Pretty good.

  19. Hope you survive the call weekend! We just watched Trouble with the Curve last weekend. Very cute.

  20. Seriously cool crown. Can I have one? Very cool're like! Good luck this weekend...happy netflixing!

  21. The Intouchables... but it's on iTunes, not netflix. it's hilarious and so good.

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  23. On Netflix, I am a fan of "Doc Martin".

  24. Scandal! Best show on TV right now and you can catch season 1 on Netflix!

  25. I pestered her for you as well. So cute. And there is no way I have time to make one right now.

    Also, I peeked a peek at the combox. Someone wants a Grace hair tutorial? I seem to recall asking you to do that once before too. I was totes serious! Get on it ;)

  26. On Netflix, I highly recommend House of Cards. It's a Netflix original series with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. It's a very juicy show about all the dirt that goes on in Washington, DC. I don't like politics, but I was so into this that I even sacrificed a few precious hours of postnatal sleep to watch: that's the ultimate stamp of approval from me!

  27. Ditto the comment about your jealous! I usually chomp my off at a certain point because I can't figure out how to get my curls to behave themselves. Probably doesn't help that my hyperemesis has been so bad this pregnancy that I can't even wear any product because the smell is torture for me? Anyway...please do a post on your hair care routine at some point!

    Also, if you're needing a smile this call weekend and haven't seen this yet, you really must:

  28. I haven't been impressed with the Netflix movie selection lately, but like it to watch some fave shows: Arrested Development, Parks and Rec, and The Office (preferably with the drinking game my college roomie and I came up with- ha!) On Hulu, we've been watching Restaurant Impossible.

    And like everyone's been saying, your hair is gorg.

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  30. Oh I could post a million comments on this, but ill stick with spikes girl. I really don't get spikes! Guess I'm 80 too! But I do love a good josh Ritter concert

  31. Things to watch: "The Great British Sewing Bee" on YouTube!!! It's SOOOO delightful! You owe it to yourself to watch at least one episode. You'll be hooked.

    In case you missed the 90s, "Everybody Loves Raymond" is on Netflix. "Psych" is another classic on the Flix...

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  34. If you have yet to begin watching Ready for Love, I suggest you do so immediately.

    1. oh, I LOVE it. but someone told me it got the boot? (I'm still watching the episodes that have aired, of course)

    2. Saddest of days. The internet says that it did get canceled, but they are going to keep releasing it weekly until the finale on hulu rather than on network. So there is in fact a silver lining. The silver lining being that I get to continue to see Ben weekly until the finale. Be still my heart.

  35. When I was a kid my mom would offer a nickel to the person who found my younger brother's blanket. Nickels were a big deal then, I guess. Also, this same brother was a biter! One time he bit a kid who bit him back, and that was the end of the biting days.

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  40. I think I want the "Makers gonna make" shirt in size pregnant, please. And maybe a matching one for Ryan too. It'll be cute.

    I don't get spikes either. Maybe they're for self-defense?

  41. Oh OH! And I forgot to add: Netflix recommendations. Do they have to be child approp? Because if not.. The League. Hi.Lar.I.Ous. It's about a fantasy football league which at first makes you think DUMB but then you watch it and you're all OMG I CAN'T STOP I NEED TO KNOW THESE PEOPLE. But definitely not kid friendly. It's going to be a sad day in the Peterson household when we have to monitor what we watch.

    If the rec's have to be kid-friendly, ummmm. I've got nothing. I'm totes ready to be a mom in 11 weeks.

  42. Love all these suggestions. My top rec would be the British version of The Office, which is on Netflix. I've seen each episode at least three times and still laugh out loud.

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  56. Late but I love TV: parks & rec, new girl, project runway, America's next top model, top chef, 30rock, Gilmore girls, design star, boy meets world, etc etc We watch everything for free on an illegal site that shall remain nameless & that has no commercials. Going back to commercial town (hulu) is torture now!

  57. I loved Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy (guilty pleasure), Call the Midwife, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (if you're into scifi--it's the entire series), Freakanomics and The Welldigger's Daughter on Netflix, . On Hulu Project Runway and Kitchen Nightmare's are favs.

  58. Gaaaaah! I was gonna order that shirt!! I probably still will. But now I'll just be a Grace copycat. I snooze I lose, I guess. Seriously, though, it looks great! :-) And princesses must be an innate little girl thing, b/c my 4 year old can name them all even though she's never seen a Disney princess movie.

  59. I don't know if they are on Netflix or Hulu but the documentary First Position is fabulous. Anything by Miyazaki. My husband swear that My Neighbor Totoro is like a drug for toddles. Since you are alone, look for old Cary Grant Movies. Real Eye Candy. My kids are older now so I rarely get to pick what is on the TV or Video. I don't miss Dora movies at all.



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