03 November 2010


1. Ricky Martin meets crack cocaine.

2. Arm flailing, leg stomping adult temper tantrum.

3. Thigh, upper arm and ear lobe jiggling 'dance'.

4. A crazyperson's recreation.

5. Knee slapping, laugh inducing and permanent eyebrow raising by any outsiders.

6. High volume of highly inappropriate hip thrusting, hip circling and hip gyrating.

7. A class I will never, ever attend again after making the fatal mistake of doing so last night.


Onto a more pleasant subject matter:

Aunt Emily and Julia

Simon and daughter Julia

Grace, Julia and nursing cover (thank you to Genevieve's mom for loaning--favorite invention of all time)

Uncles Paul, Andrew, Pedro and niece Julia

A most feminine Genevieve and her boyfriend, Julia



  1. cracking me up. i will never take that class.

  2. haha i tried picturing you taking it....it's definitely....crazy. the guy that taught my class ...WAS ricky martin im fairly certain. his thrusts and gyrating was no joke.

  3. Haha, love that pic of G and J (btw J is way too pretty to be a boy). J just looks really scared of the giant G who is about to nurse her right ear. Poor baby.
    Was Zumba at the Y? Hoping this class was sans Fr. J. ;)

  4. I am laughing so hard. After Zumba last year, I decided not really for me. Maria still braves it. Imagine Aqua Zumba....I would love to read a post about that.



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