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10 November 2010

I realize this has become jjjjust another blog plastered with baby photos...and for that I am sorry...sort of. I'll just consider myself an uber modern and techy mom that opts out of frills such as baby books and tangible photos and takes the easy style.

Here we have little J showing off her headband made by the very talented ANNA and her ability to sit up with the help of a chair:

She requested that we let her TRY walking the other day...she decided the attempt was a tad premature but appreciated our efforts, of course:

Feeling rather adventurous, Julia asked that she be hoisted onto Simon's shoulders so that she might gather his hair into a pony/rat tail. I would say she succeeded:

She is such a kind little dear. In an attempt to hide her mom's postpartum face chub...Julia put on HER fattest face for this photo:



  1. I really like the color of your walls in pic #3. Very nice.

    P.S. Fat faces on babies are almost as cute as fat feet & dimply butts.

  2. To clarify, my P.S. statement should've ended with "on babies." I realized it reads as if I was being sarcastic but I was being genuine. Hew's naked derrier (sp?) makes me melt every time.

  3. What post partum face chub?! Whatever it "is" is well out-shined by the a perfectly procured baby double chin thanks to Julia!

  4. Oh my gosh just love her baby chub! She was so sweet this morning. Wish I could have stayed longer! She's growing up to fast. And you don't have an OUNCE of postpartum annnnnything. See you tomorrow perhaps?

  5. but we all love and wait anxiously for the photos and Hulia updates, so it works out for everyone. I love her outfits. keep the stylish-duds coming, and the photos/updates too.

  6. Oh my gosh I can't even handle it. What sweet cheeks she has! I need to come back up soon for my baby fix. You look gorgeous as always.



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