busybee Julia

11 November 2010

Occasionally the house will fall quiet and little Julia will disappear from our sight. We can always be sure that we will find that she has made her way to her favorite perch in the house..on the big person bed staring out the window...

She just stares and stares and stares

Nothing can deter her from her favorite pastime ... she does not let anyone nor anything get in the way of her staring...

Sometimes we have to give her a little startle and tempt a smile to bring her back to reality...indoors.

But as sooooon as we look away she settles RIGHT back in for a nice long stare...

Simon has joked that she must be under the impression that her mother is the East window and her father is the South window and that she is an obvious product of their love. She must be paying some serious homage to her proverbial parentals.


  1. what a smarty! I love her in her duck outfit. Isn't it sweet that she's still young enough to just plop in the middle of the bed??

  2. awwww....i love staring out the window must have a nice view. all she needs now is a cup of coffee.



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